Deleted Harmony Activity

I have successfully integrated my Harmony hub, its devices, and activities into my SmartThings hub. But somehow, over time, I ended up with duplicate Harmony devices in my ST menu. So, I deleted the extras from the ST app. (I changed nothing in the Harmony app).

Now I realize, one of the deleted activities is needed. I can still see the Harmony Hub and other activities. But I cannot figure out how to reacquire access to the activity that still resides and works in the Harmony Hub, but no longer appears in the ST interface.

Any ideas??

If you look in Automation: Logitech Harmony (Connect), does the missing activity show up there?

Absolutely. And I see multiple harmony activities that I want to keep listed as devices. And my rules and scenes that use those activities all work. I just need to recover one device (i.e., Harmony activity) that I deleted!

So you are seeing the missing activity in that app?

There is an activity that appears on the harmony remote control and in the harmony app (i.e., the separate Harmony App not the App within the ST app). It no longer appears in the ST app bc I deleted it there. I want it to repopulate from the Harmony app to the ST. I’ve tried signing out of the Harmony connection between ST and Harmony. Signed back in. Did not help. Other ideas?

I think these were all originally discovered during the device discovery in the ST app. But it’s not happening again now.

Any ideas on how I rediscover a Harmony activity that was deleted?