Harmony activity stopped working today

Anyone else’s Harmony activity switches stop working today?

Edit: It looks like this is a problem with only one of my two Harmony hubs. It doesn’t work with Alexa today either, but my other Harmony hub seems ok. I found a reddit discussion that suggests factory reseting the Harmony hub. I may try that later today…

Yes, I noticed it last night. I’m still using the old integration and the status updates in the app (activity on/off), but I can’t activate any of the harmony activities.

I also have a direct Google to Harmony link and those routines stopped working as well so I’m suspicious that the issue is on Harmony’s end.

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hopefully not resetting the ST hub?

are you using the old groovy integration with Harmony? If yes, you should consider switching over to the Edge Driver.

Sorry… reseting the Harmony hub. :relieved:

Yeah, I’ve been procrastinating on embarking on my Edge Odyssey until I have no choice. I’m just not in the mood for self inflicted challenges this year. Not looking forward to it at all. :slight_smile:

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That time has almost arrived. only 6 weeks to go :wink:

if you are resetting the harmony hub, you might as well switch over to the Edge Driver for it



I followed this factory reset/restore procedure for the Harmony Hub that wasn’t working with Alexa or Smartthings and it fixed the issue: