Hampton Bay Zigbee Fan controller

Been there a dozen times. It does not help.
One more time …

then what?

If you can’t follow the instructions provided, then you shouldn’t be here. Seriously. You are going to have to read up. Everything you need has been pointed out. READ!


We are going to need more information to be able to help you. If it is just a matter of adding the DTH to ST, then all of the info you need is in the posts above. There really is no reason to repost all of the steps here.

Did you add the fan DTH to ST using the IDE?

What are you seeing when you look at your fan device in the app?

Sorry to sound completely DENSE but could spell out the acronyms?

  • DTH; custom code but I’ve no idea where to even find it?
  • ST is SmartThings, right?
  • IDE? Integrated Development Environment? Where is that?
    … is that in the app after I click Add ???
    I do not see any fan device in the app as I do not see any brands that correspond to the fan.
    I think you are all 5 steps ahead of me.
    I only have today to finish this off before I leave on a loooooong trip.

Hi Chez,

custom code link was provided earlier to you.

You need to sign in with your Samsung / ST account at https://graph.api.smartthings.com/
Thats the IDE environment

Anything thats not built in, is custom code (best part of ST) and helps expands the usability of the environment

Lots of guides were linked earlier on how to post the code in IDE or link it directly from the creators IDE so you can update it with one click…

Take some time, read, its not too daunting … then post more questions if needed

Best of Luck (BTW: I converted from Wink as well a couple of years back…and the forum has be awesome… )
There are threads relating to IDE and general support which may guide you better if you have questions

the App and Device handler for the fan work great in the ST classic app (not the new one) , but once installed and configured, you can use Alexa, Google Home, Action Tiles or other means (including the classic app) to control the fans and their lights. I have 4 of these devices around my home… Just reset from Wink and add here…

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Start by reading through the FAQ on custom code posted above, which I’m also linking here for your convenience:

That FAQ will explain all of those acronyms to you and walk you through the basic steps you’ll need to follow to use and implement any custom code, including the code you’ll need to use to connect your Wink fan to SmartThings.

Once you’ve read through that and have a basic understanding of using custom code, then come back and get the code and instructions specific for this device here:

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I just realized your probably using the new app, not the classic app. That’s why you can’t see a catagory for the ceiling fan. That’s still ok.

Follow the directions in the posts above to add the fan DTH into the IDE. It will be easier for you if you add the DTH first and the fan won’t work unless the DTH is installed anyway.

After the DTH is added per the instructions in the linked posts, use the “scan” button (top right in Android, I don’t know in IOS) in the “add automation” section to find your device. I am pretty sure that will work in finding your fans within the app. I added my fans using the classic app a couple years ago.

If you are using the classic app, follow the directions in the linked posts exactly.

Another stupid question.
Do I need to be on premises to get the fan controller working?
If yes, I know what I’ll be doing late tonight.

I have logged into my Samsung account … nowhere do I see the IDE on my main menu.
Where are they hiding it?

Log in with your Samsung account via a web browser at https://account.smartthings.com

Ok I see it.
Now what do I do?

Went to Get Started Integrating …

Then … Add one now

From Template - Zwave - do not see fan there; well fan speed
From Example - do not see Hampton Bay. Home Depot, Gardineer, or Home Collection …
Getting closer?

Have you read any of the posts we pointed you to? They will give you step by step instructions on how to install the fan controller.


There have been so many posts, I am bewildered.
A simple answer or step-by-step answers would be SO appreciated!

The fan is not an officially supported device of Smartthings. That is why you have to jump through a few hoops to get it to work.

The posts above have the step by step you are asking for. I know that you are going on a trip, trying to hurry, and are probably frustrated but I’m going to suggest that you step back, actually read the information that everyone has pointed you to.

As for being able to install it while away, its theoretically possible if you have someone onsite to cycle the power. I would guess it would be very difficult at best being your so new to the platform.

There are too many steps for me to type them all up. That’s why everyone keeps pointing you to the posts that someone already took all the time to make.


So with the updates to the “new” smartthings app, verse the “classic” app. it appears some changes need to be made to this custom handler? When i look at the UI in the classic app, everything is still working as normal. But the new app has some problems with selecting the device.

When Selecting the “Light” device, it just says “can’t connect to device. Check Device and try again”.

When selecting the “Fan” Device, it connects, but just has 3 default settings. Timer, Power on, Power off. (see screenshot)

Instead of the full UI where the different levels of fan speed and light options are displayed in the classic app.

Is there any plans to update this custom handler?

This has been discussed multiple times within this thread. When ST releases all the tools and information needed to update the DTH it will more than likely be updated. Right now there are a lot of unanswered questions as to how to go about updating this DTH.


Got it. Tread is so big its hard to filter at this point :).

Well with the release of their new rules API, we’ll see if now is the time.


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We have quite a few users that use the Hampton Bay Fan/light zigbee controller and it does not work well in the new app

Not sure if there is a Smarthings certified handler for this or if someone from the ST team can help update the handler /App for us as we are unable to figure out the changes needed to make it work in the new app. Definitely help us with a smoother transition to the new app

thanks for your help


Issue being that this DH relies heavily on custom actionable tiles to trigger commands that are then relayed to the device. The new app simply doesn’t support custom tiles.

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