Hampton Bay Zigbee Fan controller

The switch you have will only be able to control one or the other. I’m still a little confused by what your hardware is. Do you have anything installed on the fan itself? Or did you JUST add a wall switch?

Just the wall switch, nothing in the fan housing

Options as I see it

  1. So I could install a separate wall switch and have one for light and one for fan
  2. Install a new remote and receiver (I think)

Yes, those are your options. You’ll either have to install a second wall switch like the guys at Hunter said. Or read through the thread linked below. You’ll be able to control light (on/off/dimming) and fan (on/off/speeds) with one wall switch. Or just a remote if you like.

I’m in the same boat here. Installed the Gardinier fan with the Zigbee controller night before last. Literally have tried pairing it hundreds of times with no blinking.

This may be a dumb question, but the instructions are vague enough that I figured I would ask to clarify.

I have a wall switch that kills all power to the fan. Should I be turning it off and on (for 3 seconds) 5 times? I’ve also tried using the remote. I’ve also tried the process using the breaker switch. Nothing seems to be working and I’ve had some finnicky installs before.

Is it possible that it could be the unit or do you guys have any other recommendations? I’m kinda running out of ideas here.

Definitely not the remote. Either the power switch, assuming the controller is wired to that, or the circuit breaker should do it. Try carrying the time - 1 second × 5, 2 servings × 5, etc.

Thanks for the help. Tried again yesterday. Same thing. Varied the timing, used the wall switch and tried the circuit breaker.

Still no luck. The remote works, the fan works - but no blinking light and no pairing.

It’s definitely the right fan/module. It’s less than 30 ft from the hub. Antenna is out of the cowl. Just cannot get it to go into pairing mode.

Going to keep trying all this weekend and if it doesn’t work - maybe I’ve got a dud. Anyone here worked with the Home Decorators helpline yet? I guess I’ll call Monday if I don’t get anywhere.

My experience is that 30’ is problematic. I’ve had the hub that far and it works for a time, but always eventually drops the connection. Currently, I have the hub on an electrical and Cat5e extension to place it 10’ from the fan controllers. It’s not tenable long-term, but it has been solid for about a week (which far exceeds all previous records).

Not to get off-topic but I think this is a common misconception about Zigbee/zWave. It’s not really the distance to the controller as it is the distance to the nextdwvice in the network. Therefore, if you only have a couple devices it could be an issue but if you have switches and other things around the house then it won’t likely be an issue.

I haven’t yet invested in the fan mod but as far as pairing issues, be sure you’re doing the full reset and exclusion procedure. I’ve found that most problems are solved by that unless it is a dud. Resetting should get you to a known state with some feedback from the unit. Excluding ensures ST isn’t ignoring it.


I’ve placed a solid repeater near (where the hub sits now) and the problem is that the hub makes lousy choices in network configuration. With the repeater the only ZigBee device between the hub and fans, it will (often) route all over the place and ignore the repeater. I’ve observed this via the XCTU/X-stick network map. Placing the hub there directly seems to obviate that problem.

If you know a way to specify the ZigBee network configuration, that would be a big help.

Good advice. Like you said, not as worried about the distance to the hub or the next zigbee repeater - there’s plenty on either side, in the same room. But my inability to get the fan/controller into any pairing mode - blinking lights, etc - is the problem. That shouldn’t be reliant on signal distance or anything else.

But since it’s zigbee - I can’t exclude it from ST like I could (and have done) when stuck on a Z-Wave device pairing.

As far as resetting it - I’ve tried so many times now, I can’t count. In fact, I’ve noticed that after I’ve done the 5x off/on sequence - I can get the fan to change direction back to its default setting - but still the lights won’t blink or go into a pairing mode. I truly think I just have a dud here.

My only other option now is to call the manufacturer and see what advice/replacement they provide. I’ll let you guys know how it goes.

I do have a fairly robust Zigbee network, ensuring that there is atleast one Zigbee powered switch or dimmer every 10 ft (if a room has 2 switches that were automated, i used one Zigbee and one ZWave)

i have 3 fan receivers installed in 3 different rooms across 2 floors with no control issues with either remote or ST in a 3000+ sq ft home.

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I am seeing the same thing with the inability to reset. I’m wondering if somehow it won’t reset unless it has some configuration to wipe out. I never got mine to pair originally. Let me know if you find anything out. I’ve basically taken a break from it for now as its in a remote location and don’t have a ton of time to play with it.

Update: Called Home Decorators, who transferred me to Home Depot, who tried to transfer me to Wink (so I told them it was purely a hardware issue and Wink couldn’t help - especially since I’m not using Wink lol), which eventually landed me with the Warranty people.

Luckily, they seem really nice. They said they actually have people order this receiver directly from them often and it sounds like the zigbee antenna is damaged/DOA. I had to forward my homedepot receipt email to them and they said I should get a response from them in a few days, hopefully they’ll be sending a replacement receiver.

I’ll let you guys know how the process goes.


So I just received a replacement controller in the mail :slight_smile:

Going to install this one either tonight or tomorrow morning. I’ll let you guys know how it pairs after the install.

@scottalex - PM me if you need the direct number for the warranty person. She was very helpful, once I got past the Home Depot/Home Decorators/Wink people.

Thanks Blaine, I bought directly from KoF so I’ll have to talk with them directly. Let us know how your reinstall goes.

Install went smooth as silk. Went into pairing mode immediately, ST detected it and - voila - I’ve got a paired ceiling fan. Finally.

Pretty psyched about it too.


Ok, now I may need to buck up and get a few. Getting jealous of seeing all this and I would love for my fans to turn on and off when we’re not home to keep the house from getting “stale.”

I received mine yesterday, started hooking it up to my Hunter fan and came to a screeching halt. 4 wires going into the fan besides the light and neutral and nothing marked so I don’t know which one is for the fan. I tried each one with no luck. I have the light working. Until I can call Hunter in the morning, I’m bummin


You might be able to find a schematic online if you Google it. …if you don’t want to wait.

No luck so far, i’ve been looking

It’s a Hunter 21621