Hampton Bay Zigbee Ceiling Fan controller stopped working, but remote still works

I have software version 0.2.170515. The app doesn’t show any errors. It thinks it can turn off the lights and adjust the fan speed. It gives no errors. However, it doesn’t do anything either. The fan and light works fine with the remote however. All other ST devices are working fine through the ST app. Any ideas? Thanks.

This device has a weak zigbee radio, it’s been discussed pretty extensively in other threads about the device.

For most people that have trouble keeping it connected to the hub, adding a zigbee repeater close by and then completely powering down the hub for 20 mins to start a zigbee mesh heal can help a lot.

Even if it’s been working fine for a year? Also, it’s very close to the hub already, maybe ten feet. I know I can remove the device and then add it back, but I was hoping there was a less annoying solution. Has someone come up with a better ceiling fan ST device? Thanks

Less likely but still not impossible.

The device is probably so prone to zigbee interference, anything could have changed recently that could create an issue.

If you got a new router, or added a WiFi access point, for example. Even if you have neighbors and something about their WiFi networks changed.

There is no other device like this one that uses zigbee, and so works with ST.

The one in my bedroom will do this occasionally after a power outage. Same symptoms that you are describing. I have sometimes been able to get it back by just rediscovering it. Other times I have had to reset and reinstall the device. It’s taken me hours to get it back online before.

I have one of these and it works intermittently. As of late it has been working well but you never know when it will lose connection to the hub. The remote has never failed. If it doesn’t work, I just try it later and usually it will come on. I thought about moving the antenna to the hub side of the fan as the fan shroud may be blocking the signal. Good luck.

It will always show the lights turning on and off when you push buttons in the app, but if you select a fan speed and it just shows “adjusting” you know it isn’t working (handy for confirming remotely).

Good tip. Thanks.