Hampton Bay Universal Ceiling Fan Error

Has anyone come across this problem yet? I’ve instead 4 of my 5 Hampton Bay Universal Ceiling Fan (for Wink) thru ST. 3 have I stalled flawlessly, the last one in my office is not cooperating. See the screenshots. The Great Room is operating, you can see all the options on the screen shot. The Office only works with the remote, it does not work in the app. The app shows all the ceiling fan options as off and the light shows to be on but it is not. It’s not responding via ST. I tried removing and reinstall but it gives me errors when I try to remove any advice? Thanks

How far away is the office from the hub and do you have any zigbee repeating devices in your office?

It is about 20 feet from the hub. I do not have a zigbee repeating device, but it found it, installed it, just giving me a very strange interface in ST. Do you believe this would be caused by zigbee not working? I can add a repeater tonight.

I missed the difference in the interface. I just read it wasnt working, which is usually a repeater issue. If it was me, i’d probably delete it, reset they controller, and reinstall it. FWIW, I have 2 and have had to reset a couple times. It can be a big PIA. Both of mine look like your great room.

You don’t have 2 versions of the DTH installed do you? That is really weird.

What error you get when you try to uninstall?

Don’t know why it wouldn’t be working properly or throw errors on uninstall, but the display/icon thing may have something to do with the classic app update to 2.18 (and later to 2.18.1). The ability to change icons in the app was broken with this update, and I’ve found that any devices I’ve added since the update have generic icons instead of the expected ones. Devices added prior to the update still have any custom icons they might have had. You might try rolling your app back to 2.17 and see what happens.

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On smart things classic it says “Oops” and asks me to try again. When I go to the ide it times out. I’ve changed it to “DELETEME” for my immediate purposes, but still not sure how to truly remove them.

I wonder if it paired wrong. I’m not well versed in pairing issues. Does it have a zigbee and network ID?

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