Hampton Bay Zigbee Fan Controller Compatibility?

Hi folks,

Are there some fans that the Hampton Bay Zigbee Fan controller is not compatible with? I bought two fan controllers and two cheap Harbor Breeze fans to retrofit onto flush mount ceiling lights in my bedrooms. Install went smoothly, and integration with SmartThings was a piece of cake. But after running for an hour or two, both fan controllers stop working correctly. They seem to respond correctly to control via SmartThings and via remote (pushing buttons on the remote shows the correct response in SmartThings, etc), but no action occurs on the actual fan. For instance, if set to highest speed, I can turn on the light, and then turn it off. But after that, no amount of futzing with the remote or ST can turn the light back on. Weirdly, pushing the light button on the remote causes the light to toggle in SmartThings, but the light itself does not respond. Also weirdly, only low and med-high speeds work. When activated (either by remote or SmartThings), med and high speeds result in the fan spinning down.

This happens on both controllers, and it’s repeatable.

A power toggle to the fan controller (via breaker or hardwired switch) can restore controller functionality. But it’s only temporary. An hour or two later, and both controllers stop working again.

It seems unlikely that I got two defective controllers. Does anyone have any other thoughts of what the problem could be? Are there some fans that just don’t work with the controller?


Hooray, I’m not nuts! At least two other people are having this problem with their controllers as reported in Home Depot reviews. See reviews by Allie and MajorDad:

Grr. It’s a pain in the butt to un-install these. I have to completely dismantle two fans.