Hampton Bay fan controller not responding after I installed a second one in the house?

I installed a second Hampton Bay fan controller in my daughter’s room. The one in the master was working fine. The new one was set to a different channel for the remote - not that it matters from a ST point of view. One note on the install - all our fans are connected to the same circuit breaker - no switches in the rooms since we were always using remotes even before the Hampton Bay updates.

After I installed my daughters, the one in the master does not respond to ST control. I’m seeing some entries in the log for both the fan and the light entries. In fact, the light one shows it being turned on and off, but no response from the fan. The remote works the fan correctly.

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this? Can I re-pair the device? If so, how? Remember that both fans are controlled by the same circuit breaker, so if it is a power cycle thing, they both will go into re-pairing mode. If I am able to re-pair it, will it come up as another device or will it just repair the current entry?

Note - when I look at the event logs I do see an entry where it looks like the fan was controlled after I installed the one in my daughter’s room. I think I remember using the app to control both just to make sure.

I had mine do what your describing occasionally. Usually after a power failure. Try just cycling the breaker. Off for 30 seconds then turn back on. If that doesn’t work than you will have to reset and rejoin. The fan SHOULD rejoin without you losing anything as long as you don’t delete it from ST. I say SHOULD because I have seen mine end up with multiple devices before when rejoining.

I think Having both fans on the same circuit is going to be an issue if you have to rejoin. If it was me, and I had access to the wiring of the working fan, I would disconnect power to it if I had to rejoin the first.

Good luck

The single power cycle didn’t work. My daughter’s continues to work, though. So, I’m guessing I’ll have to reset and it’ll end up resetting both.

So, if I rejoin them, they should reconnect to the existing entries in ST?

Yes, they should. I should mention that when you try and re-djscover the fans after you reset them Smartthings may not say they were found. Its been awhile but I think I usually waited 60 seconds and then backed out of discovery. Then go into you devices and try and control the fan. You might have to do two discoveries for two fans. I never tried doing two at once before.