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Halo Smart Smoke Detector

(Dan Swihart) #370

So what the halo itself is hardwired essentially replacing one of my dumb units?

(Erik) #371

That is correct!

(Len Pace) #372

Continuing the discussion from Halo Smart Smoke Detector:

I’m wanting to know if I buy a Halo+ from ebay if I will be able to install it on Smart Things using the classic Smart Things app. Will all functions work, especially weather advisories and sms alerts to my cell phone? Thanks for your help!


I don’t have the Halo+ to verify, so I’m not sure about the weather advisories. I have several regular Halos, and I can tell you for sure that SMS alerts will arrive as long as you’ve set up SHM properly to send you alerts when something happens, or any other smartapp that can send messages. I personally use SHM (Classic app).

(Ed Meredith) #374

I have 2 halo+ detectors in ST. They both work including the weather alerts as well as SMS alerts. Within the ST app you can choose which alerts you want. I live in an area prone to Tornados so I set up the alert for Tornado warnings but not Severe T-Storm warnings as I don’t want them going off daily during peak season for storms.

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(Erik) #375

Can you confirm that you paired these with SmartThings AFTER they folded and the code was removed from ST? That seems to be the open discussion around the weather alerts working if someone pairs them now versus prior to them folding.

(Ed Meredith) #376

I paired them prior to folding but had to reconnect one after they folded and both work. I’m ST you can pick which alerts to get just like you could in Halo app.


No code has been removed from ST. The DTH code is there, but we’re not allowed to see it for some reason, even though the version of the code for Iris has been released to open source and is freely available now.

(Mitch Arends) #378

Has anyone had any luck getting SmartThings to push the latest firmware to the Halos. I have 7 Halos in my house and I just realized that 3 of them are still on version 0x260D0027, two are on 0x260D0028 and two of them are on the latest version which I assume is 0x260D0029.

Do they require a power down to pull the latest firmware? Does that mean I need to physically disconnect the plug from the back of the smoke alarm?

I have a support ticket open with Samsung but haven’t gotten very far with them yet.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks - Mitch

(John Darst) #379

Any update on this? 2 of mine recently started chirping and I read elsewhere that it might be due to firmware. I unplugged them but haven’t had a chance to reconnect yet.

(Mitch Arends) #380

Support told me that they cannot update my Halos. If you look in the SmartThings IDE at the Halo device you should see a current version and a target version. If they match then there is nothing that they can apparently do.

Not sure if I totally believe this though as I have seen community posts where they had pushed out updates to the Halo devices. The latest version that I believe Halo labs had sent them was 0x260D0028.

(John Darst) #381

Mine don’t match which I would think means an update is available, but they just haven’t updated.

(Otto Mation) #382

If the last two digits are 28 or 29, they are up to date.

(Edward dean Jones) #383

I have 2 Halo+ both with weather alerts. One was originally paired on Iris and moved to hubitat when iris closed…weather alerts work great on it.

The other Halo+ was never paired to anything until I added it to ST a few weeks ago.

The weather alerts do NOT work on this Halo…everything else does except humidity shows 5100% all the time.

Is there any way to get weather alerts working on this Halo? I’ve tried all of the weather frequencies channels and it never goes off during bad storms while the other Halo does.

Since it was never paired with Halo app or Iris Lowe’s, will the weather alerts feature never work now?