Halo Smoke/CO Device Type Handler - please publish in Github

Yeah, I know ST doesn’t regularly look for requests like this in the Community, which is why I also emailed support; but I thought I’d still post here to see if it would help.

Now that Halo is no longer building and supporting their devices, I’d like to formally request that the DTH for the device gets published.

These are very chatty devices, and I’d like to write my own DTH to have it look better in the Classic app, as well as only create the events that are important.

I’ll shamelessly tag @Dianoga in an effort to find the right people in ST… :wink:


I’ve sent a message to the collective to try and find out. As usual, no promises but it seems like a reasonable request to me.


I would like to modify it so I can see the battery percentage. Currently it doesn’t show this at all but I have read up that they do report battery stats.

I’m pretty sure I’ve found the right people to ask. I don’t have an answer yet though. I think we need to verify it with whatever is left of Halo, but I’m not sure how that will work. If you don’t hear anything in a week or so, ping me again to remind me to check on this.

@tpmanley and @posborne are also relevant and potentially useful people for this.


Will do…

Thanks a million for checking on this!

Any news on this @Dianoga ?

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Still haven’t heard anything. Still waiting.


Ok thanks… I sure hope they will.

Can you give them another nudge ?

As I understand it, our people have contacted their people and we’re waiting to hear back.


Awesome ! I sure hope, and I don’t see why not, they let it go public.

Still nothing @Dianoga ? Been weeks now.

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We still haven’t heard back from Halo (or whoever our contact is). I believe we reached out again a couple days ago.

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I am not holding out hope. Once they fold there is no incentive to take care of their user base. Too bad as it was a GREAT product. I hated the idea of a custom DTH that drives such an important safety mechanism in my house. Local DTH processing was the thing that did it for me.

So wouldn’t it be considered abandoned? Company is gone and they can’t be found so I consider the DH as fair game and abandoned.

I agree, hence my initial question to ST. If they can’t and won’t support their devices, and have shut down their app and services; then we should be able to take accountability for what’s remaining so we can self-support these things.

I can’t imagine there’s any IP associated with the DTH code, but you never know. If I had the tools and software available (and time), I’d make an attempt to write one myself.

@Dianoga what I am looking for and maybe you can simply answer this or past that part of the code is the NWS subscriptions.

Are those pulled from the cloud or is that programmed directly into the Halo+ ?

If I’m reading the code right, the weather alerts are programmed directly into the Halo+. I don’t see any cloud references, but there are lots of weather radio references.

damn… im trying to make sure the NWS settings all all stored in the halo as I was informed it uses the halo smartlabs api which is dead

We still haven’t heard anything and we’re running out of contacts to try. I think there is still one more option, but after that I don’t think there is anything we can do.

I’m not sure about the legal aspect of everything, but I doubt we can decide on our own to release the code since we don’t originally own it.

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