Halo Smoke detector in ST

Though I would share my experience with my hardwired Halo and Halo+ smoke detectors in Smartthings. I was able to set up all 8 of them in about 30 minutes. ST hub immediately found them. Great device handler on these by Smartthings. Allows for me to test each one. Also allows control of the notification light on these. Really a great hard wired smoke detector with carbon monoxide capabilities and the Halo+ has the bonus of weather alerts via NOAA weather radio built in. I can now set up my detectors to trigger lights and the halo’s already do voice notifications through the detector notifying those in the house which detector alarmed and why. Absolutely the best integration I have found from Smartthings directly.


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edden, can you tell me if the built in Temperature sensors in the Halo smoke detectors can be used for other ST devices? I.e. if the temp in a room goes above a certain point it can trigger a fan switch? Trying to prevent from having to buy a separate sensor and would help justify cost of Halo…

Yes. The temperature capability of the Halo is exposed to any SmartApp that would use temperature devices.

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