Halo Smart Labs is folding and your smart smoke alarm will soon turn dumb


Both the SmartThings hub and the Iris by Lowe’s hub will continue to support the Halo Alarm, so you can keep the smarts of your smart smoke detector as long as you connect it through one of those bridges.

(Jimmy) #2

Some ongoing discussion here

(Mark) #3

Could be worse, I guess.

When Lowes stopped selling the devices even though they were in stock, and the company stopped responding to customer support inquiries, I was worried something was wrong with the actual devices.

At least we can still use it with ST.


Can someone explain why this was ever a popular device?

Don’t we all have voice-assistants and smartphones apps that can give us weather alerts?

(Jimmy) #5

It was the only smoke and co detector that integrated with smartthings and also worked with “dumb” interconnected smoke/co detectors.


So it could notify a standard alarm panel to call the fire department?

Or just tell the other “dumb” interconnected detectors to beep as well?

(Mark) #8

I doubt anyone bought it primarily for the weather alerts.

I didn’t need them, so I bought the slightly cheaper version without weather alerts.

Seems like a useful feature to have for many people though, if you want certain emergency weather conditions to wake everyone up in the middle of the night, for example.

(Mark) #9

This. As @prjct92eh2 mentioned, any other smart co/detector is either totally wireless, or uses a wireless interconnect so it only works within its own ecosystem (like nest protect).


Grr, I was about to buy some of these. There doesn’t seem to be a suitable alternative.

The weather feature was nice but not critical. What I cared about was a smoke/CO sensor that tied to ST and was hardwired with a battery back-up. The Halo was the ONLY option. Now what?

(Mark) #11

I believe it’s possible to do all this with a nest protect. But it would require a community-developed solution to integrate with ST and it wouldn’t be a local zigbee connection like halo is capable of.

I don’t have any nest devices, but there are a few active threads that should give you an idea of whether nest protects can be tied in to ST.

(Michael) #12

If you can run 120v wires to your detectors you can use this solution:


There is a community project called NST Manager that integrates Nest Thermostats, Cams, Protects, etc.

(Mark) #14

That’s what I was referring to, thanks.