Halo Smart Smoke Detector

Continuing the discussion from When are "Hard Wired" Smoke detectors going to be supported by Smart Things:

I just wanted to Start a thread about the Halo Smoke detector, as I didn’t see one for Just the devices they are coming to market with.

While I wasn’t lucky enough to pre-order these, I emailed support asking what type of zigbee radio it had, and received a response from their Co-Founder & CEO only hours later containing the relevant information I posted about the Zigbee HA 1.2 radio.

This kind of quick support is what makes me Really wish I had found it while still on indigogo!

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wow. Kinda surprised no one else has commented. Not sure if you ever figured out getting this to work with ST but I’m right there with you. This is precisely what I’m looking for. Spoken weather alerts? YES. I do not want yet another push notification. Like ever.

Looks promising. I may have to pick one of these up when they come out. Not sure how much time I’ll have to work on it though.



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Yeah I just happened to see them when I was wandering aimlessly around Lowes. The “+” edition of the Halo is the one with spoken weather alerts, for another thirty dollars. Honestly, that is worth the entire 130 in my mind. But when you say “work on it,” I take that to mean you’re able to figure out getting these integrated?

Yeah. I’m figuring there is no integration for ST.

Still there on the lowes website but not actually for sale. Hope they become available soon…

I saw them for sale in store today. Well they had cards out for them I assume they were in stock. I figured I’d look it up first. I guess they’re just that new.

Which store?

Lowe’s. Online it says not in stock in store,

I meant which Lowe’s location?

Hickory, NC

Has a DH been created for these yet?

My mouth is watering for these to replace my ugly wired “dumb” detectors.

They just showed up here in upstate NY Lowes and across border in Pa. I think I’m going to maybe actually create a Dh everyone can use for a change, or try to… key word TRY


for the HALO and HALO+??

Both I hope

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We are currently working on an official integration for both the Halo and the Halo +!

Not sure about an ETA right now or what the features will be like. Maybe @dkirker can expand.


@csuk, any update on an official DTH for this? While a community-created DTH would be very welcomed, an official DTH from SmartThings would be more beneficial since it will run locally.

I’m still looking for the Halo to be in stock near me. I’ve walked in to check a few local Lowe’s with no luck.

Also, many official DTHs do not run locally. You can find a list of the local DTHs that do here:

Yup, it’s been on the lowe’s since mid-November but has never actually been available for sale, as far as I can tell. Very frustrating.

I contacted Halo a few weeks ago. They told me both would be available in January.

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