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Halo Smart Smoke Detector

They just showed up here in upstate NY Lowes and across border in Pa. I think I’m going to maybe actually create a Dh everyone can use for a change, or try to… key word TRY


for the HALO and HALO+??

Both I hope

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We are currently working on an official integration for both the Halo and the Halo +!

Not sure about an ETA right now or what the features will be like. Maybe @dkirker can expand.


@csuk, any update on an official DTH for this? While a community-created DTH would be very welcomed, an official DTH from SmartThings would be more beneficial since it will run locally.

I’m still looking for the Halo to be in stock near me. I’ve walked in to check a few local Lowe’s with no luck.

Also, many official DTHs do not run locally. You can find a list of the local DTHs that do here:

Yup, it’s been on the lowe’s since mid-November but has never actually been available for sale, as far as I can tell. Very frustrating.

I contacted Halo a few weeks ago. They told me both would be available in January.

We have these at my local Lowe’s but I’m afraid to pull the trigger due to integration. I have a couple of Nest Protects, but I’d like to replace them with something that integrates directly to SmartThings. @dkirker or @csuk, any update on official integration?

Did they have them in stock or just the cards out? Mine had the cards out but 0 in stock…

I’m chomping at the bit for ST support on this

Now that you’ve asked, I’m not sure. I assumed since the cards were out they had them, but I didn’t ask, so they may not.

I just scoped out their website and see they are selling directly on there. The specs for hardwire confirm ZigBee so I hope one our great devs can get this integrated.

We’ve started certification of the Halo integration! Can’t speak to a release date yet, but we’re actively working on it.



I Received six Halo Smoke Detectors today to replace 12 y/o Honeywell models. Mfg Date stamps on back: 1/31/2017. I was able to order 6 of them through their online store @ Halo smart (Regular models w/o Wx alert since my ST severe Wx smart app already handles that function). Installation was as simple as plugging into the existing pigtail and screwing in the new mounting plate. I opened ST App and found Halo is now available in the marketplace (marketplace>Smoke Detectors & Alarms). Halo was already in pairing mode and pairing was completed in ~ 10 secs. Total installation time < 5 mins. I was surprised to see RGB lighting control included in the DH. Overall look and function are great thus far except The Alarm “hush” feature is disabled in ST app (although functioning in Halo app). [UPDATE Hush function is enabled in ST App when alarm is triggered] Will update once I’ve had an opportunity to further test functions and review logging. Pics show DH features in ST app.
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Keep us posted. I’m looking to purchase these in the coming weeks.

Did you purchase any Halo+ models? I’m considering at least 1 Halo+ near our master bedroom to add the weather warning feature.

Definitely interested. I don’t want to replace all of mine, only a couple
so interested to hear if there is some interoperability between Halo and
"dumb" hard wired smoke detectors

Just finished first round of tests on the Halo’s. Setup: 3 x Downstairs / 3 x Upstairs, residential; two were installed with Halo App via WiFi, the other four were installed with ST via Zb. One old detector remains upstairs.

Tests were completed successfully from all Detectors with the following notes:

  • Voice announcements only indicate specific location of alarm from alarm device connected through wifi to Halo App (ST will notify you of specific device through app, just not through voice alerts)
  • Alarms cannot connect to both Halo App and ST simultaneously.
  • Alarm notifications were received on mobile device In ~ 30 sec and alarm “hush” commands were received by device in ~ 5 sec
  • there was some observed lag in device state pushes when conducting alarm tests. (May continue to display status as testing in app 10-15 mins after testing is completed

After tests I decided to pair all alarms with ST to lessen burden on Wifi network and for ease of use with my smarttiles enabled smart panel (mounted iPad).

So far, very impressed with ST App control functions (13 tiles in all) and dependability of alarm.

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Not yet, but I do still have one old model alarm left to replace, so I’m considering installing the Halo +. I will let you know if I do

was your “old” one connected via interconnect? Did it go off when you tested the Halo?

All my Detectors are hard interconnected. The old detector did sound during all tests, and I was able to sound all alarms from testing the old one. The Halo will charge the interconnect wire when alarm is activated and also broadcast alarm type via zigbee or WiFi, depending on which protocol it is paired with. It’s important to consider that without an interconnect wire other Alarms will not activate unless they are activated through an independent controller. With all Halo Detectors, this is best accomplished through their app (via WiFi), as wireless interconnection is only supported by Halo through their app (per Halo user manual). For wireless interconnection through ST, this is accomplished by enabling a “virtual alarm” through a smart app. Hope this helps.

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