[Edge Driver] Halo Smoke and CO Detector

This Edge driver is for the Halo and Halo+ smoke and CO detector. A huge thanks to @Mariano_Colmenarejo for all his invaluable help in making this possible because it could not have been done without his skills and patience. If you use this driver and run into any issues, please post what you run into. Please use the CLI to collect logcat details. This has been tested and is working with the Halo detector, but it should also work with the Halo+ detector.

This supports the following models:

  • Halo
  • Halo+

Here are the capabilities provided with this driver:

  • Smoke detector
  • Carbon monoxide detector
  • LED light ring On, Off, Dimmer, and Color Control
  • Temperature and Humidity
  • Power Source and Battery (these were not in ST’s DTH driver)

Here’s what this driver does not do compared to ST’s DTH, or Halo’s original app (before they went out of business):

Here is the channel invitation where this driver can be found:


Best thing I’ve seen all week.


I have a couple of my halos with weather alerts. Any idea if that is still going to work even if it’s not in ST edge driver? Also I am assuming I’ll need to remove and re add the Halos to get them on this edge driver or will they migrate when ST makes the switch?

I don’t have any Halo+ devices, but my guess is that I wouldn’t expect them to work. It’s really too difficult to know for sure because there’s no way to know if ST will remove them from your hub, or if they end up showing up as a Zigbee Thing or what. If they’re removed from the hub, that means the device will act like it needs to be set up again, which means any settings will be lost.

After adding the channel and driver to your hub, just remove the device and add it back. That’s what I did and I never had to touch the detector. As soon as you remove it the device will immediately say it’s ready to join. When that happens go to add a device and select scan nearby and it will join.

BUT, before removing the device please go to the IDE and screenshot or document the Data and Raw description sections for one of your Halo+ devices. If your Halo does not join I’ll need to know that info so I can update the fingerprint.

If that doesn’t happen there’s another way to capture that by using another developer’s channel that uses a generic Zigbee Thing driver that allows you to see that detail.

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I removed my halo+ and then it added it back. Seems to work. I can turn on the light ring but cannot set light color however I have issues loading the light color ring in the ST app on the other Halo’s that I have yet to migrate. How can you tell if in fact it is using this edge driver versus the DTH from before?

When you open the device to see all the details, in the upper right corner will be three horizontal dots. When you tap on that you should see “Driver”, along with Edit and Information. That tells you it’s using an edge driver, and to see which one tap on it to see the driver name.

What if you tap on the color pallet option and drag to a color of your choice and tap on Save?

I don’t have driver as an option. Once I click on three dots I get choices of edit,settings,or information but no driver. I’m on IOS. Colors don’t show. Just a cloud icon with line through I implying it’s unavailable.

Ok, if you don’t see Driver then it’s still using ST’s DTH. When you added the Halo back to ST it should have used the Edge driver. When you clicked on the channel invite link above, did you enroll the channel to your hub and did you install “My Halo Smoke and CO Detector”?

I clicked on enroll and then I selected the driver for my halo and installed.

Ok, then it could be that the model name in the Edge driver needs added. Can you please go to the IDE and go to the device and tell me what the model is? It will be found in the section titled Data, similar to this motion sensor’s data section:

  • application: 01
  • endpointId: 01
  • manufacturer: HaloSmartLabs
  • model: haloWX
  • zigbeeNodeType: ROUTER

Cool, that’s why it’s not using the edge driver. The model number is not currently in the fingerprint. That must be one of the very early versions of the detector. Thanks for getting that info.

I’ll update the edge driver in just a few minutes and I’ll reply back here. While I do that I recommend going back to the channel invite and uninstalling the driver so that you can reinstall once I’m done and get the latest release without having to wait.

Thank you. I have uninstalled.

Ok, the driver has been updated:

Driver Id 273f01f9-6428-454e-9f6f-f23d404507e4
Name My Halo Smoke and CO Detector
Package Key my-halo-smoke-and-co-detector
Version 2022-09-08T00:54:32.338797337

This supports the following models:

  • halo
  • halo+
  • haloWX

Please go back to the channel and install the driver again, and then add your detector back to ST again.

I’ll be a little delayed in replying over the next few hours, but you should be good to go!

Also, your model got me thinking that it could be why you couldn’t control color. I wonder if Halo used a non-standard Zigbee cluster to control that vs the later models using a standard cluster. When you can, would you mind also capturing the “Raw Description” section for one of your other detectors if it’s also a haloWX? I’d like to compare that to the others. Thanks!

Here’s the raw description on another of my halo plus weather

[01 0104 0003 00 08](tel:01 0104 0003 00 08) [0000 0001 0003 0402](tel:0000 0001 0003 0402)[0403 0405 0500 0502](tel:0403 0405 0500 0502) 01 0019

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It installed perfectly I see the driver now and I have color control.

Excellent, glad to hear it’s working!

Hi John,
this sounds very promising. Thanks a million for your efforts!
I went to the channel invitation, but nothing happed when I clicked the “Enroll” button. Where can I find more information

  • how this works?
  • where I can download? this driver and
  • how to install it?

We have 7 Halos and 3 Halo+ which are now 5 years old. Big investment! Hoping they’ll last another 5.
Two have already died. One was seemingly shorted out by a millipede that apparently got electrocuted in the process.
After the Halo+ses were moved onto SmartThings, they still receive SAME alerts. What’s puzzling though is that they do not always play the same alerts. None of them seems to have our county code, which is annoying because of the frequency of unneeded alerts. But they may still be filtering on different alert types. Unfortunately flooding is not among them, which we don’t need as we’re on top of a ridge.

Thank you.

Does this driver support selecting of the weather radio channel and the alert (Tornado, etc.)?

After clicking on Enroll you should have seen a button titled Available Drivers. Click on that and then scroll down to the Halo driver and click on install.

Try going back through the invite link again if available drivers isn’t available.

Once you do that, delete the smoke detector via the mobile app. Once that is done the detector will notify you it’s ready to join, or some message like that. In the ST app, go to add a device and use the scan nearby option and it will discover the detector.

Please see my first post above about what is not supported, especially for the Halo+.

If it doesn’t join it’s likely because your detector has a model I didn’t know about. I highly recommend going to the IDE before deleting the device and noting the model. See the posts above from Ed on what that look like. Please let me know if you run into this situation.