60 devices report offline. Saturday 11th November 2023

At sometime between 8:00 and 10:00 am GMT on Saturday 11 November 2023 over 60 devices displayed as being offline. There are about 100 devices on the Samsung Smartthings hub. Some routines continue to run despite devices being displayed as being offline while others fail to run. All the devices and routines were fully functional at 7.55 am. Has anyone experienced this type of failure. Since so much is connected I am reluctant to do anything radical yet.

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If these devices are Zigbee the I would unplug the hub for 30 minutes to force a Zigbee mesh rebuild and if there Zwave I would power cycle the hub and then do a Zwave repair. If it’s a mix then do both. If you have a gen 2 hub make sure you remove the battery when trying the Zigbee repair.

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  • which hub do you have? Model?
  • which type of devices - zigbee, z-wave, cloud to cloud?
  • you mentioned 60 out of 100 - any type of pattern you can see for them… all zigbee or all z-wave for example?

Yes… do not take any extreme actions such as removing devices or resetting your hub.


Samsung Smartthings Hub, IM6001-V3P02.
I think ZigBee. I have carried out a z-wave repair and got no errors back. All IKEA devices (motion, blinds, light bulbs) have gone, but also some Samsung Smartthings, as well as Phillips INNR GU10 spotlights. It seems quite random. 4 spots at front should come on when motion detected, 2 come on and 2 don’t. Some devices are reporting offline but still fulfilling routines while others do not. I may need to do a detailed audit when I get time.

Thank you, Michael. That worked. Except for 4 IKEA devices all others came back online. The 4 outstanding devices were easily brought back. Appreciate your help and guidance. It’s a problem I have not come across before. Thanks again.


Kevin, YW. I do this monthly automatically with a Matter smart plug via an Alexa routine while I’m sleeping. The routine also reboots all my switches, routers and wireless ap’s. Sometimes when you do the Zigbee mesh rebuild you have to wait awhile for the devices to all show online. I run the routine at midnight and by the time I wake up, all is well.


After a reboot, if you don’t want to wait I find that you can quickly bring devices back online by opening/closing contact sensors, opening window and doors etc.


I unplugged my Aeotec, waited about 5 minutes and plugged it back in.
Everything was back online with-in 15 minutes!

Just wanted to pop in and say I had this happen at 1am today (checked logs).
Pretty much everything went offline and is not back yet, will be trying the reset (I have all ZigBee).

I have an Aeotec and an array of ZigBee devices. I wonder if there was an update…

Do not reset. Contact ST support.