Routine is missing, but still running daily

(Prcdbear) #1

I have one routine that dims my outdoor lights at 2:00 a.m. This routine is missing in my app, but it is still running daily. Where might it have gone? It would be easy to recreate, but since it’s running from somewhere, I have a feeling it would not overwrite the current one. Any one have experience with this?


Which app are you using, smartthings classic or “smartthings (Samsung connect)“?

In either case, the routine should be listed in the IDE.

(Prcdbear) #3

Thanks! I am using the classic app, and I have looked everywhere in the IDE and I can’t locate it. I can see in the logs that it does execute, I can also see the modes, devices, but no routines, unless I am being really stupid.

(jkp) #4

In the ST app, if you open one of the lights in My Home: Things, you can click on the SmartApps tab in the upper right. It will list all smartapps, routines and webcore pistons that are controlling it. From there you can access them.

(Prcdbear) #5

Thanks so much! This is a big duh moment as I was looking to do things the hard way. I am able to access from there, but it’s weird that it is missing in the routines list. I removed it, then added it back again and now it’s there.