Greenwave single node sockets no longer available

Not sure what plug sockets most people use on here but I have been buying the Greenwave single node sockets at £17 each from Vesternet… Bad news they have run out of stock and don’t appear to be re stocking anytime soon, the closest they now do is the tk socket at £35 each… Double the price

Anyone know who makes the greenwave sockets or stocks them?

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Whenever you want to find out more about a certified product, you can look it up on the official Z wave alliance site. In this case, they are made by a Chinese company, greenwave systems, and I can tell you from experience that it’s very difficult to get a response in English from the company site. :disappointed_relieved:

Vesternet, on the other hand, always has very helpful technical support, and they have this product marked as “end of life” on their website, meaning it’s been discontinued by the manufacturer. Most likely to be replaced by a Z wave plus version, although probably at a higher cost.

So you will just need to shop around to see if any other retailers still have stock of the old model.

Did anyone find a suitable near priced equivalent? I like you valued the devices and happy they were u see £20 a pop.

Vesternet is carrying the TKBHome zwave plus models for under £30, so that’s a comparable model from a good retailer with a good returns policy.

Some community members have been buying the Heiman models from eBay with good success. I personally don’t buy electronics on eBay, but you can read the discussions in the following thread

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My TKB’s have been very very reliable, not had an issue with them once.

My Greenwave has however ‘crashed’ a couple of times and needed a kick. Annoying since its in my loft!


Thanks for the recommendation. Do they pickup and work under general device handlers or is there a custom one?

Do they measure and count consumption like the greenwave too?

I think I installed a custom device handler for mine as the default LED status light was backwards (default is LED on for outpout off, and LED off for output on!). The dev handler has the ability to change this behaviour :slight_smile:

All mine are on/off only to keep costs low, but they do a power metering version for not much more.