Recommended plug sockets for UK ST

I have been using the greenwave powernode sockets that work great but now am unable to buy anymore as it looks like they have been discontinued. Annoyed that I never bought a joblot of these initially but was hoping to build up over time. They worked out at around £15 a socket.

I have seen the ST ones on sale in Amazon for £27 but now they have no stock.

We have a number of energenie plugs in use currently but want to replace these are they are unreliable and would prefer z-wave ones, what other devices can I consider? I assume they are all going to be at least double the price of the greenwaves I was using…

I was going to get a joblot from for Christmas. Managed to get 2 for £40 on ebay so looking for alternatives as well. I have a TZ69E but thats been very unreliable but I have just changed to this DH [BETA RELEASE] TKB TZ69E - Blue LED Switch & Power Monitoring and its been alot better but there around £35 each

Yeah vesternet was where I was going to get mine from, they have said they won’t be getting any more stock in which is a shame. Missed out on some on ebay so I assume I was in a bidding war with you, managed to bag 2 but missed out on 4 recently that went for between 18 and 20 each.
Those TKB ones are the ones I have considered but like you say they are double the price so I am holding off for now, then again they are cheaper than some others around.

Yup wow small world it was ebay seller rhp666 got one for 20 and one for 20.01

theres theses though they are £40 on amazon

Their sites says its Compatible

Research seems to show there just aeon labs devices repackaged

Yep that was the one rhp666 - he had 4 for sale in total and i missed them all as I was working away at the time… If it wasn’t for me you would have got them even cheaper!

I have 3 of those Foxx ones, stock is very limited though, think they only have 9 left in the country and each store only has one! I got them from my 3 local stores, there is 1 a little further afield I am considering…

How annoying I needed one asap for my christmas tree as last years has been used for the wash machine notifications, the other will be added too the tumble dryer for notifications

What Device Handler do you use? Do they report watt usage or anything?

I use mine for the exact same thing, have sonos announce the dryer has finished and also get a text message

No device handler is needed for those foxx ones, they are picked up Aeon Secure Smart Energy Switch UK and look like this in the app:

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Hi Guys,

Any one recommend UK plug socket to work with Smartthings?
The Samsung ones are a little pricey…

These ones work, they dont have power monitoring

Hi, I’m looking for some advice. I am sure the information is somewhere but I can’t find it at the moment.

I have a couple of the TKB home plugs and a couple of D’Link ones which seem very similar.

  1. They were on a ‘ncube’ system which has failed so I need to reset the plugs. I’m having a bit of an issue resetting them. Have other people had the same issue?

  2. How do I connect them to the smartthings hub?
    I understand they are not supported directly so how do I add in a device handler and then connect them to the hub?