Unable to find UK distributors to buy many "Things"

So as a person in the UK who has purchased a Smart things kit, I now want to add on some additional devices that are noted as being “Available” in the UK. quite a few things such as the Aeotec devices and the Fibaro range, im unable to find these anywhere from UK Distributors. If anyone knows where i can buy these items from UK Distributors then that would help but i really think Smart things compatible products pages should also add where you can buy these products from.

Vesternet and Amazon.co.uk are usually the easiest places to find devices in the UK, particularly Zwave items. Vesternet is especially helpful with regard to well-informed reviews and customer support, and probably has the simplest website to use as it is organized by network protocol.

There are a few additional UK retailers listed in the following topic:

@JDRoberts i’ve tried quite a few sites, including your recommendation for Amazon i struggle to find anything on Samsung’s Compatible products list and on Vesternet they are asking me to buy a European version of an Aeotec siren even though on Aeotec’s website they clearly distribute UK plugged Sirens.

hope you can help further

Sorry you’re having such difficulties!

For Vesternet, I would just write to their customer support. They are typically very helpful. If they don’t carry the version of the siren with the correct plug style, they may be able to recommend where you can get it.

For Amazon, normally you just have to search by brand and model number. They can be tricky to find things otherwise.

I see as far as the Aeotech siren that Vesternet is offering a free UK plug adapter with the European style model. That usually means they haven’t been able to source the UK version.

There were several vendors on Amazon.co.uk, including Amazon itself, that have the same issue. They are offering the European plug version of the siren and suggesting a UK plug adapter (although unlike Vesternet they are not offering the adapter free.).

Aeotech is one of the largest global makers of zwave devices, but they do have some weird supply chain issues. It’s not uncommon to find a model advertised on the official Aeonlabs website that is not actually available to purchase anywhere.

So in the case of the siren, it looks like your best bet is just to get a plug adapter for it.

Have a look at banggood.com as well.

The orvibo stuff is very good in my opinion. You’ll have to search the community for device handlers.

It’s also very cheap. 14 quid for a contact sensor.

The Z-Wave protocols are the same across EU. Some of the EU devices need UK plug adapters (like the Fibaro outlet comes with a free adapter). It’s not ideal, and has to due with the maturity of home automation in the UK.

As demand increases, the market will match and - similar to our US/UK power outlets that have the same smart home guts in different plug styles - they will be able to connect right away.

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