Green Living - keep me cozy app Icon

I just purchased a 2gig CT100 zwave thermostat and I’m using the keep me cozy app to automate temperature.

I was wondering if there is a way to change the icons in the keep me cozy, it just shows up as 32F with a play button for the icon. I attached a screenshot, is this normal? Is there anyway to change it?

Not sure without the screenshot of what you are having issues with.

It wouldn’t allow me to post the screenshot initially. Let’s try again…


The 32 is the icon specified by the app creator. The only way change it is to recreate the app yourself as a custom SmartApp using the same code and specifying a different icon. The play button is an overlay that shows up for all SmartApp’s when viewing them in the My Apps, Green Living, etc section because when you are in those sections and you click the icon it executes the app.