Modify "Keep Me Cozy" code for half-degree increments

(veni) #1

I have recently installed a CT100 thermostat and I have the Keep Me Cozy smart app installed. The CT100 thermostat allows for the temperature to set at half-degree increments i.e. 25.5, but the smart app does not. Could anyone tell me how to modify the Keep Me Cozy code so I can set half degrees?

(Brian) #2

try changing the input type from number to decimal.

section("Heat setting...") {
	input "heatingSetpoint", "decimal", title: "Degrees?"
section("Air conditioning setting..."){
	input "coolingSetpoint", "decimal", title: "Degrees?"

This will allow you to at least input a decimal number.

Whether thermostat.setHeatingSetpoint(heatingSetpoint) and thermostat.setCoolingSetpoint(coolingSetpoint) will handle the decimal properly is up for testing on your side.

(veni) #3

It worked! Thank you

(Brian) #4

Awesome! glad to hear it