Keep Me Cozy II not running

I have a thermostat downstairs that controls the heat in our bedroom upstairs. I have a Zooz 4-in-1 Temp sensor in the bedroom that I would like used instead of the temp sensor in the downstairs thermostat but only at Night.
When I change to Night mode that thermostat doesn’t change. My other thermostat does change using the regular Keep Me Cozy apps, and this thermostat also changed when using the Keep Me Cozy app. It is just the Keep Me Cozy II app that isn’t working.I noticed that if I view the list of all of my SmartApps, the other apps have a little Play icon next to them, but the Keep Me Cozy II app does not. Not sure if that indicates anything. I tried removing it and recreating it, and same thing each time.

You can’t see it but for Set for specific mode(s), Night is selected

Keep Me Cozy II doesn’t have the Play icon next to it?


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Did you ever figure out this issue? I am having the same issue with Keep Me Cozy II and my Honeywell 6580, I cant seem to get the smartapp to work at all.

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