GoControl Z Wave thermostat and "Keep me Cozy"

So I have the GoControl Z Wave thermostat and some motion/temp sensors. I would like to use the temp sensor in another room as the temp for the thermostat. Keep me Cozy app will not let me select the thermostat as a thermostat for use. It says I do not have one available. It does show up in the list of available sensors to use. The thermostat is working just fine otherwise. Any advice?

Try using the “Keep Me Comfortable” App as it seems to be an updated version and should allow you to do what you are seeking.

Thank you for the reply. I have tried both of them with the same result. Its odd that it sees the thermostat in the temp sensors section, and it works fine in the “good morning” routines etc. But for some reason Keep me Comfortable (or cozy) does not read it as an available thermostat. Could I have added it to the system incorrectly?