Graphics crashes (temperature minute / hour / day)

I have 3 TRV’s from Devolo lookalike of Danfoss Living Connect.

When I open the tile of a TRV, there is a temperature scale. When pressing the graph button on the upper rh corner in the scale the tile closes instead of showing the temp graph.

Happens with all 3 TRV’s after the update of the app. (2019/12 Android)

Might be related to the following issue. Please report the issue to ST support. Click on the menu (three bars in the upper left of the screen on the main page) and click Help.

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Tnx for the correct name: histogram!

Checked a powerplug with energy monitoring, same problem, the tile closes.

Raised a ticket.

PS the problem is with Android, on my iPad it works fine.

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Change the phone’s language to English. It will work then.


Tried it, but the same result.

Clicking on the histogram icon closes the tile and the app returns to the main menu.

Grtn Ben

I meant change it to English (United States) or English (United Kingdom). Is it what you set up? The App’s and the phone’s default language has to be English.

I had same problem with Fibaro motion sensor temp graph. Cause: the logging wasn’t enabled in device settings.

Worked for me… wish I could find what’s making it crash and fix it.

It is an issue with the UX plugin. ST engineers are working on it, to get it fixed.

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I have the same issue. Power consumption histograms never load and force close the app. Deleting and repairing the devices again do nothing. Sometimes they load and sometimes they don’t, but never have energy consumption AND power consumption histograms both loaded. If I’m lucky one will load for the day but not the month.

@Matt_L, As I wrote above change the language of your phone to English (United States) or English (United Kingdom), then try it again. It should work.

Checked and it’s set to “English (United States)”.

I only speak English so I’d have be surprised if it wasn’t this way.


@Brad_ST, has this issue with the graphs developed further to the English versions too? Can you see the same think with the power consumption?
Is there any ETA when will this be fixed?

Have the same issue with the OEM startthings outlet, histogram crashes the app. Really hope they have a fix in the works.

I cleared the apps cache and it seems to work but it’s still acting weird. Power consumption only posts like every 6 or 12 hours.

There seems to have a new release of version for me today. When I select a temp sensor, it warns me it has to download a pluging.

The new plugin works in english AND french but I have only the last reading… no history?! It makes a pretty simple histogram with only 1 bar ! :smiley:

We’ll see after a couple of hours…

What temp sensor are you trying to use?

I’m using Xiaomi Aqara Temperature Humidity Sensor ( )

I’m using handler code from someone that already did the integration :

I’m not fluent in Groovy, maybe it’s the code that needs a fix… Did not check yet, it was working well previously…

Some devices has picked up the new UX, some didn’t. Those with defined vid, they did.

When I look at the ST Motion sensor, that reports temperature, I can see the bars, but with other devices I can see only a single one. It might be something else in the background, how the events are stored.

I can confirm this behavior… ST water leak sensor (temperature) shows histogram OK with multiple values but 2 pcs Xiaomi Aqara temperature pressure sensors only one value (using Custom DTH from bspranger)

Previous language related histogram crash/app restart seems to be fixed

(running latest Android new app 1.7.43-22)