Graphics crashes (temperature minute / hour / day)

I have 3 TRV’s from Devolo lookalike of Danfoss Living Connect.

When I open the tile of a TRV, there is a temperature scale. When pressing the graph button on the upper rh corner in the scale the tile closes instead of showing the temp graph.

Happens with all 3 TRV’s after the update of the app. (2019/12 Android)

Might be related to the following issue. Please report the issue to ST support. Click on the menu (three bars in the upper left of the screen on the main page) and click Help.

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Tnx for the correct name: histogram!

Checked a powerplug with energy monitoring, same problem, the tile closes.

Raised a ticket.

PS the problem is with Android, on my iPad it works fine.

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Change the phone’s language to English. It will work then.


Tried it, but the same result.

Clicking on the histogram icon closes the tile and the app returns to the main menu.

Grtn Ben

I meant change it to English (United States) or English (United Kingdom). Is it what you set up? The App’s and the phone’s default language has to be English.

I had same problem with Fibaro motion sensor temp graph. Cause: the logging wasn’t enabled in device settings.

Worked for me… wish I could find what’s making it crash and fix it.

It is an issue with the UX plugin. ST engineers are working on it, to get it fixed.

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