Histogram lost?

I just found I can’t see histogram any of my devices. Yesterday this was working just normally. Then I paired new ST button and ST outlet and after that I cant see any histogram from any of my devices.

I can see current temperature and power usage, and I can see history from the list. But when I want to see histogram and immediately when I push histogram symbol, my Smartthings app starts from beginning and returns to the main screen. This behavior started after I paired button and outlet cos just couple of hours before I checked temperature history from multipurpose sensor. And I have checked this with my phone and two tablets. They all are making the same thing.

I also unpaired new button and outlet but that didn’t helped anymore. It just starts over and gets back to start screen when I try to see any histogram from any of my devices.

Is the only way to fix this to start all over again?? I have over 10 hue lights and several sensors and automations. It will take an age to make that all again. Please, could anyone help?

Don’t panic, you don’t need to re-pair anything. The UX plugin is broken and causes the app to restart. I can confirm I can see the same behavior.

Send an email to support to get it logged as a bug. Don’t believe them, when they will tell you that you need to redo everything. It is a bug in the UX plugin.

I am tagging @Brad_ST and @jody.albritton, just to let them know about the issue. They can push forward to get a fix. Thanks for both of you!

But, @Marko_K, as Christmas is coming up soon, I wouldn’t expect a fix before new year.

Which version of the app and which OS version? Is this with all devices, specific devices? I tried with a few different power reporting devices on the latest versions of the app for iOS and Android and can’t seem to reproduce.

I have the same problem. I paired two ikea outlets and after that the bug is here.

Hi @Brad_ST,

Samsung S7, S10, both does the same with the previous and the latest version of the new ST app.

I tested on the Smart Weather station, Samsung Motion sensor and Multi Purpose sensor and some other with temperature and humidity. If I select the graph for the temperature it just restarts the app or exits the device and goes back to the room level with the apps Splash screen first (guy sitting on the beanbag chair.)

I have just tried with a power meter ST plug and it did the same.

I have tried with my wife’s S10 on that it works. But the difference there, her phone’s native language and app language is English. My S7 and S10 uses Hungarian as native language and the app uses the same. It might be a language issue.

My app just updated yesterday and same thing continues.
I have tested with S10, Tab A 10,1 (2019) and Huawei T5 10. All the same bug.
And I have tested with two outlets, two multi purpose sensors, one button and one motion sensor. All have lost histograms and if I try to go there app restarts. Both multipurpose sensors and motion sensor worked fine before I paired outlet I know cos I checked temperature histogram from my multipurpose sensor just couple of hours before I paired outlet. Then just like the touch of a magic wand, all gone.

And I use Finnish language if it is language issue.
I also send email to support with video of this behavior.

Thanks for the responses.

This does seem to be related to the phone’s language. I was able to reproduce by changing the language to Finnish.

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Thanks for @GSzabados

I changed my Huawei tablet language to English. First It offered English(Finland) and I tested that. And… same thing. No histogram and app just restarted.

But then I realized that I have to change language to English(US), I restarted tablet and re-installed Smartthings app. And… everything works fine! Now I really can see all my devices histogram and no app restart.

My S10 and Tab A still have this bug, them use Finnish language, but my Huawei tab running with english(US) languange works fine.

And thanks to @GSzabados I didn´t start all over again, it wouldn´t chage anything.

I have the same issue with my power consumption histogram.