Phone as a presence sensor - new phone - HELP!

Hey guys, I got a new phone yesterday due to my old one getting some water damage. On the old one I seem to remember it just showing up in smart things as a device. I have two questions connected to each other.

A: How do I get the new phone added as a presence sensor while removing the old one.

B: Will my rules have to be updated? Is there some way to make them point to the new phone without a bunch of work?

You’ll have to add the new phone as a new Thing. Phones are in Coming and Going category. It will be easier if you give it a different name from the old phone, at least temporarily.

Once added, you’ll have to manually add it to the SmartApps associated with the old phone. Easiest way to do that is to go to view the SmartApps associated with the old phone and systematically edit them, adding the new phone and removing the old. Once you’ve transferred them to the new phone and cleared the list of SmartApps associated with the old phone you can delete the old phone from your list of things and rename the new one, if desired.

@dama thanks man. I got it. I SWEAR that option wasnt there yesterday when I looked for it. Regardless, I have the new device added and the old one removed. Wasnt as painful as I had feared. Cheers!