Google routines and Nest Cameras

Was not aware of the web interface. Looks interesting.

I really wish Google would let me control my 5-year old Nest Outdoor Cams. The Nest app remains the only thing I can use to schedule them or to switch on and off based on presence.

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Still only in beta, but once you get used to it, it’s fairly powerful. Not quite as good as WebCore but getting there and it works with non ST devices too


Google recently turned on the ability to use older Nest cams in the Google Home app

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Yes. I discovered that the ability to turn my Nest Outdoor Cams is now available. I don’t think this model was ever mentioned in their updates.

There are “magical” Home and Away routines that are being triggered, I guess, by the Nest app Home/Away Assistant. I see them being triggered in the GH Activity tab. They are supposed to be visible and editable in the GH app but for me, they’re invisible.

Without the ability to edit the Home and Away routines I’m still using the Nest app.

And it turns out there are limitations, at least for my Nest Outdoor Cams. You can turn cameras on and off on a schedule. Period. No other “starter” (i.e., trigger) is allowed.

So basically what I have is the same things as is available in the Nest app with the addition of using sunset/sunrise as the time.

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