Nest cam outdoor + smartthings


Right now, I have an arlo camera, turning off/on with some routine when we lock door

Thinking about switching to nest cam wire-free, but it seem that we can only turn on/off the cam with the nest location, right ?

This cam will be indoor, I want something wire-free and be able to activate it only when we sleep or we are away

Idea ?

My Nest experience is limited to my 4-1/2 year old Nest Cam Outdoor models. These are WiFi for data but require wired power.

These are old enough that they work with the Nest app. That app allows cameras to be turned on or off on a schedule set in the app. And, as you mentioned, cameras can be turned on or off based on geolocation of your phone(s).

Newer cameras that can only be controlled by the Google Home app cannot be scheduled.

And so far as I know, no Nest cameras can be turned on or off via SmartThings or other external tool.