Google Home app adding 18 new starters and actions for Routines

I have not personally seen any of this yet.


Some cool stuff. I like the light effects. :sunglasses:

very interesting!

Google really seems to be giving it a go between this and the script feature. I have not played with the scripting yet, decided I want to wait it’s a full public release since Google is known for killing products.

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Google Home app continues to be a mess for me.

Thought I’d finally be able to script my Nest Outdoor Cams so I started playing in the app. To my surprise, I can now turn the cameras on and off based on a schedule using the Google Home app, something that until now only worked with the Nest app.

So I thought I’d give a go at turning them on and off based on presence. My phone is set up for presence in the Home app. And in the Activity tab I can see that my home changes between Home and Away when I come and go. But all the help refers me to Home and Away Routines that I don’t seem to have.

I tried with the script editor and can use “home.state.HomePresence/homePresenceMode” as a “starter” but can’t find any way to control the cameras in the script.

It seems to have a hard wall between Routines created in the app and Routines created in the script editor as I can’t view the scheduled Routines from the app that are controlling the cameras.

Maybe someday it will all come together. Or maybe, like so many Google things, they’ll just abandon it and shut it all down.

Google Home and Away routines are pre- configured under Household Routines.

I don’t have any Nest cameras but I’ll take a stab. Have you already tried using OnOffCommand, or StartStopCommand? If you are a Nest Aware subscriber, another wild guess would be to see if ArmDisarmCommand is applicable.

What do I do if they aren’t there?

They’re hiding somewhere… not visible in either the app or the website.

I do have the Nest app and am using its “Home/Away Assistant” to turn cameras on and off. It’s supposed to be replaced by the Home App someday so I keep checking.

I think that they’re missing because you have not yet opted-in to the Public Preview. You can do that in the app Settings.

I am in the Public Preview, maybe that is why I have those options.

Yes, Been a Nest Aware subscriber since I installed these cameras when the house was built in 2018.

I’ve poked around a bit. The Script editor clearly knows about the cameras for some things. I can “start” a script based on camera events such as motion or person detected. And in the Conditions section, I find the cameras in the list of devices for “device.state.Online”.

But there are no Actions that can be applied to the cameras using the Script Editor even though the Home App lets me switch the cameras on and off.

We’re getting pretty far afield from SmartThings here. I should probably go hunt up a Google Home support forum…

OK. The website says Public Preview but the App did not show I had opted in. I’ve done that. It says it can take up to a day to take effect so I’ll check back later in the week.



Did not look like it has anything to do with the Public Preview. As near as I can tell, the Home and Away routines were created either when I converted my Nest account to Google or when I set up the Google Home app the first time. They exist somewhere in the system because trying to enter “Home” as a routine name causes it to tell me that Routine names must be unique. But they’re invisible to me in either the app or the website.

I’ll actually take this off to Google support now. Thanks for the suggestions

Their first suggestion will be for you to uninstall and re-install the Home app.

Did that and uninstalled Nest app at the same time. One suggestion on forums was to delete all Household Routines so did that before uninstall. More combinations and options yet to try.

In my experience the Home and Away routines will only appear once they are viable. In my case they became viable once I had linked SmartThings to Google and made at least one controllable device available in the Home. Without that there wasn’t any device to be controlled and that is the only action that is available to my Home and Away routines.

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Yikes, that seems a bit excessive.

I hadn’t mentioned before that SmartThings is linked to Google. I see all my SmartThings-controlled z-wave and Zigbee devices in the Google Home app.

I clearly have Home and Away routines. I see them listed as running when I leave and return if I look at the Activities tab.

But the routines are not visible or editable within the Google Home app. I suspect there’s an ugly interaction with the Nest app as I’m using its Home/Away Assistant to turn cameras on and off.

Yeah. But since I’ve only started with Google Home automation I only had a few.

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On a different tangent, SmartThings could take some lessons from Google as regards activity logging.