Outdoor Nest Cams not showing up in smartthings app

I have two outdoor Nest Cams that I cannot add to smartthings. I have a third outdoor nest camera that is in smartthings. All three cameras are the same model (outdoor cam, non-IQ)

I go to smartthings, add device, chose the google nest brand and search. It finds all of the cams except these two new outdoor cams.

What gives? Anyway to force it to find them?

When you click on Supported Devices in the Nest Cam section, it only lists Nest Cam IQ Indoor…

So unsure what to say since you got the one non-iQ outdoor cam connected.

You may want to contact Support for Google Nest and see what they can tell you. They own and manage the integration to ST.

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the one non-IQ outdoor cam was added right when the Google Nest integration with the new smartthings app occurred. So something happened between now and then…

Contacting google support is like trying to talk to the ocean: it makes noises back but isn’t really listening. I’m hoping whatever product manager at SmartThings that works with google can reach out and give them a nudge.

I also have the same issue. Did you manage to understand why smartthings don’t support the 2021 nest camera models?

Similar issue here - two new cameras aren’t available/supported, but my old doorbell and thermostats are fine.

Would love to have Protect support as well like some of the 3rd party handlers…

Just bought a bunch of new outdoor nest cameras and a new nest doorbell as well - none of them can connect to smartthings. Someone needs to do something about this.

There was a third party integration originally - but that was broken when Nest was bought by Google. It hasn’t been possible for some years now. Sorry!

Did you ever get an update or go forward with connecting your new Google Nest Outdoor cams with SmartThings? Anytime I try to add them it just says - “Can’t find a device to link to Samsung SmartThings. It looks like you don’t have a device supported by Samsung SmartThings. Make sure that you have at least one device supported by Samsung SmartThings”

I really just need it as I use the motion detection to feed into automations in Smarthings

Sorry - not possible - they broke the integration a few years ago.

Thanks - I left google a message too. Maybe jump on that one too and

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Thanks everyone - apologies for not checking this thread for a few months.
I’ll definitely jump on your thread @Ale