Any camera that work with Smartthings and Google Home?

I want to be able to integrate my camera to smartthings and google home (assistant) and my chromecast enable TV. Is this possible? Which cameras are capable of doing this?


Nest, works perfectly, ok google show me the driveway

how do you like the nest camera as a camera alone?

It’s wonderful! although the monthly fee per camera sucks for online cloud storage. $10 each cam i believe. One feature I find useful is it sends separate notifications that says it heard a dog barking. My dogs are always barking when I’m not home and it probably bugs the neighbors. So with NEST i can get the notification and open the app and tell the dogs to shut it. Although my other IPcams do have noise level detection, they cannot differentiate dogs barking from say, the trash truck.

So is Nest the only option now?


There’s a bunch of ip camera apps in the Google home app under home control, :heavy_plus_sign:. If your camera is supported by one of those apps, it’s likely to work. I’ve heard of other brands working the same but I can’t remember off the top of my head.

I use just generic IP camera with the generic device handler.

Here’s the official word from Google. they don’t list the partner apps for ipcameras on that page. I’ll try out some other partner apps besides nest and follow up.

Can you elaborate? I have a mix of foscam, dlink, and old Android devices set up as IP cameras (using the IP Webcam Pro app). Would any of these be supported in either SmartThings or Google Home? I do have an older version of Blue Iris, and fiddled with getting that working in SmartThings, but no luck so far.