Google Nest Floodlight Camera not showing up on ST

Hi, hoping someone can help. I’ve completed the linking/integration between ST and Google Nest and most of my other Nest (black) cameras/thermostat are showing up in ST, but the Google Nest Floodlight Camera does not. Am I missing something?


I only have the Nest Floodlight Camera and am having the same issue integrating it into my Smartthings app. I get to selecting by Brand but the next window is a message saying “Can’t find a device to link to Samsung SmartThings.” Google’s response was to refresh the camera by holding down the button in the back of the camera for 5 seconds. That did nothing.

If I can remember correctly, new models of nest cameras that use the Google home app rather than the nest app aren’t compatible with ST.

I am finding that out the hard way. It is interesting that in the Smartthings app when you add a device, and select Nest as the brand, the floodlight camera shows up in the list of items. However, when you select it, the message comes on telling you that Smartthings cannot find the device. The camera streams on the Google hub display, I was expecting the add to Smartthings to be a parallel or backup system.