Google Nest Wired Doorbell Camera Gen 2

I just installed the Google wired doorbell camera and wanted to include it on my smartthings app but in the addition of a device, the only Google camera option is the Google floodlight camera which I have and is already integrated into the smartthings app. I have tried adding the device by scan, manufacturer, and device type with no luck. Any suggestions?

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you may want to contact Google Nest and ask they add support for the wired doorbell. Google Nest maintains the integration to ST and they are responsible for integrating their devices with ST. At this time, they have several products that have yet to be integrated.


I’ve got half a dozen 5 year old WiFi Nest Outdoor Cams. I believe your best bet is to integrate the Google or Nest service with SmartThings.

I got some minimal functionality that way. But, for me, the integration was so locked down by Google as to be useless. My cameras are supported best by the Nest app and less well by the Google Home app.

Thank you, I will follow up with them.

Both my floodlight and doorbell cameras are the newer version and they work well with the Google Home app. I am trying to put as much as possible on one app–Smartthings. For now, I prefer the Smartthings app because of the better automation capability.

Good luck! I hope you find that it works for what you want. I keep hearing about a new, improved Google Home app…

I’ve given up on ever being able to control everything with one app. Maybe in a year if the promises of Matter are fulfilled, but I’m not optimistic.

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I just installed a brand new Nest Wired Doorbell (gen 2) and several of the new Nest indoor/outdoor battery cams, and was stunned to find the wired doorbell is not listed in the Nest/SmartThings partner integration, like the battery cams, so can’t bring it into SmartThings for automations. :rage:

Going to reach out to Nest support, but man, this is a bummer. I’m getting off Arlo (EoL’d my Pro V1 cams) and getting off a Ring Pro doorbell, and consolidating everything to a Nest Aware plan.

Streaming video is not yet supported in matter v.1.0. It should be supported in the next few months and then your doorbell/camera should receive an update which makes it compatible with smartthings.

So you think they’ve paused integrating anything else until Matter supports cameras? I hope that’s the case. Seems like it would be easy to add it to the current integration in the meantime, given the unknowns around cameras being added to the Matter spec anytime soon.

Here’s hoping though. :beers:

The Google floodlight camera is integrated but as you found already, not the wired doorbell camera. That’s a big HUH.

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