Google Nest not listed in device types still

Titles says it…I’d like to add my nest cameras but Google isn’t listed in brands. I live in the US.

strange… shows as Nest for me. also US


Hey there! @JohnMB

I’m located in the US and I’m running ST Version and Nest App Version, and it appears for me as well.

Have you ensured that you have updated to the latest version of both apps?

What are the model codes of the Cameras that you are trying to integrate? Have you confirmed they are located in the Product List for the Nest Integration? You can view that list here Google Nest | SmartThings

Are you running the most recent Google Integration? You can confirm by attempting to Reconnect Smart Things Account via the Google Home Works with Device list.

I hope this message finds you well!


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Probably good to check the region for your Samsung account, too.