Google Home Not Executing SmartThings Commands

Hi, all.

I just enabled SmartThings in my Google Home app (I’m not using an actual Google Home hardware device) on my Note 9. I see all of the devices and can manage them when I click on them but not through voice commands.

When I say “Ok Google…turn on christmas tree” I get a web result rather than turning on the switch named christmas tree. I’ve tried multiple switches and virtual switches but none seem to work via voice commands.

I followed the same steps at my fahter-in-law’s house and his works just fine.

I’ve unlinked ST from the Home app and then added it again. I’ve also removed the Google SmartThings smart app.

Thanks in advance - any help is greatly appreciated!

That sounds weird. One thing to check and I know it’s happened to me before. Can you check if google assistant is logged into the same account that the google home app is logged into on your phone?

I have 6 accounts on my phone and if both aren’t under the same account, I get web results rather than control.

I just came back to say I had found the issue and saw your comment. This is exactly what it was. I have multiple Google accounts and they weren’t using the same one.


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