Google voice control for wife

So my Google voice works great. My wife has been added to smartthings and has no problems controlling things from the ST app. Under Google assistance home control she has added smartthings and has gone through and set up rooms etc. Everything looks as it should. But when she says ok Google turn off living room lights, it does a Google search. Any ideas what else I can try?

I read that subject in complete and total excitement that SmartThings had figured this one out but alas it was not what it seemed in that moment.

I know this isn’t a helpful comment except that it will bring it back to the top of the “latest” list.


So what you are saying is, it’s not possible yet?

I use GH together with my two sons. All of us have different Gmail accouns (Gmail, not GApps as this one does not work) and one (mine) ST account. In the GH app I connect ST account to all of ours Gmail accounts and it works great.

I am not sure I follow you. Can you explain a bit more.

I do not have a Google home device. We are trying to use our phones. I can control everything fine using ok Google, she cannot, it just does an internet search when she tries to turn on or off lights using ok Google…

“Ok Google, tell the wife to stop nagging.”

OK Google, Set WAF to 100

You need to link her google account to your Smartthings account. You can do this by going into smartthings and adding her as a user and then connecting her google home account with her smartthings account just like you did with yours.

Go into the SmartThings app > click the 3 stacked bars in the upper left > manage users> add user. Have your wife create an account with Samsung and then link it in Google Home on her phone.

I already did all this before I posted. Read my first post. I don’t know what else I can do. Is it even possible with out having to purchase an actual Google home device? Does anyone else have a second account linked to ST and can that account use OK GOOGLE via a smart phone to control lights? Again, my wife can control things fine using the ST app so her account appears to be working. And again Under Google assistance home control she has added smartthings and has gone through and set up rooms etc. Everything looks as it should. So the only conclusion I can come up with it’s that is not possible unless I purchase a Google home device, which I eventually plan on doing.

I had a similar issue awhile back where the wife couldn’t use her voice to control my smartthings through google assistant. I resolved it with IFTTT back then. Basically IFTTT allowed her to login with her Google account but My smartthings login on IFTTT.

One suggestion might be logging into your smartthings account on her google home app. (unlink/relink). It may not work but it’s a suggestion.

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Excellent idea. I’ll give that a shot. I am guessing that will probably work. I’ll let you know tomorrow evening.

No joy :angry: at this point I am done trying. The wife just gets Moody as hell about it. I’ll solve it later when I get an actual Google home device.

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