Google Home won't connect to Smartthings

I’ve been trying to connect Smartthings to Google Home to no avail. Adding the device doesn’t even take me to the login screen - error says ‘something went wrong - try again’. I’ve Googled this to death and haven’t found a fix. I’ve successfully added other devices since I have been trying to connect Smartthings. Not sure what the fix is - any help would be appreciated.

You might be thinking about this slightly wrong. You don’t add your Google home device to Smart Things, you link the services together

I apologize for not using the correct terminology. To connect the Smartthings service it is done thru the Google Home app and that’s what I’m having trouble with.

So, just to be clear (apologies if this sounds obvious) but you’ve been through the setup process described here, yes?

Can you explain in a little more detail at which stage you have a problem, what you expected and what exactly you actually experienced.

No, I misunderstood. From your brief description, I thought you were trying to add a Google Home device directly.

Give us more details, please. Check the procedure step by step.

Followed those instructions up to step 5. I get the error previously mentioned. I never get to the account login.

Try changing the default browser you’re using

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I’m using iOS. I don’t believe you can reset the default browser.

What happens when you try to select a different device/service, instead of Smartthings? Does it redirect you to the site of the service? Or do you also get the same error?

If you get an error, does it still have the web address on the ios browser? Maybe you can try to copy the url and try opening it manually on the browser and see if it brings you to the smartthings login site

Thanks everyone. I got it to work by using a friends android phone. Connected with no issue.


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