Google home hub $99 @ HD

Big orange entered the game with Google Home Hub pre-order for $99. $30 less than Google pre-order price of $129.
Yes I’m in for 2.

Your friend has shared a link to a Home Depot product they think you would be interested in seeing:

Google Google Home Hub Charcoal


Shows $149 for me…

Per slick deals the deal is over or was a mistake.

I’m waiting to see if my order goes through.
Searching by order number from confirmation email I can see it. However it isn’t showing up in my account order history.
Worst case we just got a sneak preview of what the black Friday deal will be.

Now showing as $149 again.

Mine is now showing in my account and hasn’t been cancelled yet. Unfortunately I was too slow to price match to Best Buy where i have rewards $.

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So the sale on these is already over…?

Don’t think it was a sale, pretty sure it was a mistake, 33% off a brand new unreleased item is a hefty “discount”. Me thinks someone screwed up and entered in the wrong info.

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I’m thinking it’s a Black Friday week sale. Was supposed to be 11/13-11/20, not 10/13. Mine is supposed to be delivered by tomorrow, but still not showing in my HD order history. When I search by the order number it still shows as in process. Once we’re past the delivered by date I’ll give them a call or chat & act stupid " why haven’t these shipped yet?"

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Color me shocked. Since yesterday was the actual release date, and the last " anticipated delivery " day from HD, I was going to call them today. I just got HD email with shipping confirmation & UPS tracking.