Google Home does not update with new devices

After adding two new osram lightify bulbs, osram gardenspots and a fibaro dimmer 2 I realised that Google home didn’t appear to be picking them up. I could not find any way in the Google Home app to get it to rediscover new devices or query smartthings for devices that had been recently added. Alexa does have the functionality that you can force it to rediscover. Does anyone else have the problem with Google home not automatically recognising new devices or can tell me what the option is to force Google to find them? When I went in to Google home and looked at the smart Home Control options and clicked on smarts things the only option it gave me was to unlink the account; I had rather expected it to allow me to view and manage the attached devices. The only solution I found was to use that option to completely disconnect Google home from smartthings and reattach it, whereupon it found all the new devices. Cheers. Rob

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I had to do the same thing

Are you trying to add them through the Google app? I’m new myself, so I might be wrong, but try going in to the SmartThings app instead of the Google app to set it up. Go to “Automation”, then “SmartApps”, and select “Google” there. I struggled with the same thing originally and stumbled upon that. You can set it to access all devices and routines, or turn that off and select individual items. I have mine set to access all, and when I added an outlet recently, it recognized it without me having to do anything (my list of things is still small enough that I allow all of them). If you only allow it to access specific devices, that might be why it didn’t register them automatically, but I think you should be able to simply add it there without disconnecting Google.

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I have the same issue but can’t access the solution proposed by @mrgneissguy: In “SmartApps” I see “The Google Assistant” (not “Google”) and under “Manage Devices” there is just a message that says “To manage your devices, open your Google Home app and select Home Control from the side menu…” All I seem to be able to do is “Tap to uninstall” and re-link to get new device list.

Google and SmartThings recently tried to upgrade their integration, but it didn’t go smoothly. Devices were supposed to sync into Google Home automatically from ST, but that wasn’t the case after they rolled it out.

The issue has been (mostly) corrected, so an unlink/relink of SmartThings in the Google Home app is necessary to pull the latest changes down. Once you unlink, the “Google Assistance” SmartApp in SmartThings goes away, and the new “Google” SmartApp replaces it when relinked. In that new Google SmartApp, you have the ability to selectively pick what devices and routines you want to sync into Google Home (which happens automatically a couple seconds after you select them).

I said “mostly corrected” because some UK/EU users are unable to re-link after they unlink ST and Google Home. That seems to still be an issue, but ST support is aware.

See the larger discussion here.


Thanks @paulmike3, that was really useful. I can now see and select devices within the (new) “Google” SamrtApp.

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Thanks! I had the same problem but read your post and was able to fix it :). Thanks!

I use “OK Google, update Smart Things”.
This applies to any linked services. Eg “OK Google, update Philips Hue”.
The only problem I noticed is that I have to say Smart [pause] Things, otherwise it doesn’t registers it.
Hope this helps

Didn’t know about that command. Thank you. Next time i add i will use this