Google home complaining about all scenes

Hi folks

For a few weeks now, Google home routines have been (a) complaining about every scene (“Something went wrong with your scene”) but
(b) executes the scene completely correctly.

If there is more than one scene in the routine, it whines about each one with a number representing the number of scenes in your routine: “Something went wrong in 3 scenes.”

Going into smartthings and executing the scenes by hand does not generate an error.

It’s jarring and annoying as hell. Anyone have any idea? Are others seeing the same thing?

Might be worth a try, tell google to “sync devices”, in an attempt to refresh stuff from ST. Other than that i read here the other day someone removed the Google connection to ST, then uninstalled and reinstalled GH, reconnected to ST and it stated to behave after that.

Recently GH was also sometimes not running routines that I had configured on GH and moaning about random devices not available and issues with routines, so what I did was use the GH routines to simply run ST scenes in order to simplify things for GH which sometimes seems like it has a brain the size of a pea :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Hah - thanks for these tips @impee - I’ll give them a try to see if they straighten out the situation

@impee nope, no joy. Neither resync’ing the devices, nor removing ST from GH, re-installing GH and relinking did the trick.

Every GH routine that calls a ST Scene complains that “something went wrong” for each scene, but then still executes the scene.

I’m seeing the same thing, with an additional glitch. I have two hubs at two locations on my ST account. I use Amazon Echos at location A and Google Home devices at location B. I have a “Goodnight” scene at each location that turns stuff off.

For at least the last year or so, telling the Google Home devices at location B to run “Goodnight” worked just as it should turning off the lights at the same location. About a week ago, telling the Google devices at location B to run “Goodnight” resulted in the goodnight scene at LOCATION A to run. The proper scene at location B would not run.

I had previously created “dummy” home in Google Home and moved all the devices not at that location into it. But when I tried to find the goodnight scene thinking I could move it too, I couldn’t find any scenes, just devices.

I solved the issue by renaming the scene at location B so that it is different from the one at location A, but shouldn’t I be able to see the scenes in Google Home to move them?

You should, yes – scene interaction with GH has been spotty since moving to the new app. It’s gotten way better than it was when I first swithed over, but there’s still problems.

The issue you describe isn’t exactly like mine - but you are correct, you should be able to see the scenes.

I haven’t been able to find my scenes in GH, but I’m now not thinking this is a GH problem.

My scenes is a “goodnight” scene that turns off a number of lights. When I run it via GH voice, a few lights turn off and then there is a gap where GH states something went wrong. After 15 - 30 seconds, them remaining lights turn off.

I just added this scene to a button. When I run it, I get the same gap in turning the lights off. So I’m thinking that something wonky is going on with ST in running the scene, and GH is properly noting that problem. If my scene was working properly, all my lights should turn off in no more than 10 seconds, but that’s not the case now.