Google Home - Scene Issues

I have two hubs at two locations on my ST account. I use Amazon Echos at location A and Google Home devices at location B. I have a “Goodnight” scene at each location that turns stuff off.

For at least the last year or so, telling the Google Home devices at location B to run “Goodnight” worked just as it should turning off the lights at the same location. About a week ago, telling the Google devicess at location B to run “Goodnight” resulted in the goodnight scene at LOCATION A to run. The proper scene at location B would not run.

I had previously created “dummy” home in Google Home and moved all the devices not at that location into it. But when I tried to find the goodnight scene thinking I could move it too, I couldn’t find any scenes, just devices.

I solved the issue by renaming the scene at location B so that it is different from the one at location A, but shouldn’t I be able to see the scenes in Google Home to move them?