Launching a scene from Google Home (new app) - is it possible?

I’m using the new apps, and have a couple of “scenes” set up. Again having confusion between topics for the old and new apps. I have an “all off” and a “movie time” scene. All they do is turn lights on/off and launch a Harmony task. I can’t figure out whether I’m supposed to be able to trigger this by voice in Google Home. I can’t figure out the magic words, and I also found a note somewhere that only certain scenes were compatible for security reasons. Should this work?

For anyone following, if you say “Ok Google, activate ‘movie time’”, it works fine.

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I actually just figured this out when trying to set up something similar. It’s the Routines feature that you want:

When you follow the Custom Routine steps, on step 7, you can select “Choose popular action”, then click the gear next to Adjust Scenes. Then you should see your SmartThings scenes listed.

After you get everything set up, you can have a command like “Hey Google, it’s movie time”, and it’ll run the scene.

I had been using google home to activate scenes until yesterday.

I would say “hey google activate ‘cooking’” or whatever scene name I had set up in SmartThings.

Yesterday it stopped working, it now replies “something went wrong with the ‘cooking’ “

Has anyone experienced similar problems?

I have unlinked and relinked google and SmartThings, I have deleted and recreated the scenes.

The scenes work fine from the SmartThings app.

I can see the same problem since yesterday. There are multiple topics popped up recently with the same subject. Routines and Scenes are not working. Individual lights are triggered, sensors are read correctly.

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It’s not dosed to work this way. You will find that sometimes it will work if you just say the scene name. I can say just the scene name and it will work almost every time. My wife however has to say activate every time.