Google Home can't control smartthings lights anymore

Recently realized that I can’t use google home/assistant to turn off lights in the house anymore. This had been working fine up until now.

I have an assortment of Lutron Caseta lights and some honeywell zwave switches in a few rooms. I could control all of them with the new ST app (I migrated in the last couple of weeks), with the exception of my two “plug in” Caseta lamp modules. I wound up deleting them in smart things, and re-adding them. This got all the lights working in ST again…

But I still can’t get google to control them. They appear as offline or “not responding” in the GH app. I thought maybe I could just remove the devices from the GH app, but it looks like I have to unlink everything from GH by unlinking ST within the GH app (I have 40 devices that would be affected by this). Is this really what I would have to do, or is there another way to get them working in GH again?

i was having a similar problem controlling my devices. I had to reconnect SmartThings service under home control.