Google Home integration down?

Started today. Anytime I ask Google to turn on “X” light, or do anything with Smartthings, I get Sorry, something went wrong with “X”. All smartthings lights, switches, and routines work from the ST apps(Classic and New), and integrations I have set up with IFTTT to work between Google and ST also work. Is it down? Or is it just me?

Google is working for me but automations seem to be hit and miss. It looks like Smartthings might be having a hiccup.

I’m on shard 1

UPDATE:. 6:29PM everything just came back online.

same here… no google control of anything smartthings… been like this for a few hours now

I wound up going into the ST App under automations, and going into the Google automation, then selecting relink account. It was a pain because it defaults to everything and I had to deselect all the items I did not want on Google, but it restored instantly. Given that there was a Nest outage, and the fact that Google has screwed the pooch on a couple things in the past week, I am more likely to think it was a Google glitch and not an ST glitch. (In the last week: Android 10 killed the ability to send messages using Android Auto, they broke integration with an update that cause Android Auto to continuously reboot, and tonight I got a notification that the Nest cams were down and failed to record for a certain period of time. Google is looking like crap right now)

what a waste of time… had to do the same for my account and then for the wife’s as well… almost 300 devices on smartthings but we only need 50 or so on google but had to ad them all then adjust the selective sync after… all sorts of problems now as google seems to still have ghosts of the previous account linking so re linking made it all worse. had to un link and start again. why does this crap happen ? we didnt change a thing on our end. was workign fine when we went to bed last night and then the gremlins came out and screwed it all up! …

tired of this… and this is the kind of thing that all my friends laugh at me and tell me im wasting my time with the smart home stuff!!..


All seems OK with mine. Just told google to turn on a light and it did.

@tweason, @Alexhp11, If you would state which shard are you on or the country where you are using SmartThings from, then the people who are using this community forum from ST would be able to identify easier any issues.

It has happened a few month ago, that anybody who was using UK/EU-West had lost all control through their Google Home devices, and luckily it was picked up by some ST engineers on time and git fixed in about 24 hours from when it started.

Otherwise you can always try the magic words with your Google Home device, sync my lights, to re-sync any connected services on the Google Home side.

  1. I was just asking if it was just me before I went any further into troubleshooting. The answer to that was yes from the responses I got.
  2. Yeah, the devices were all showing up, just not responding. Have been using this configuration for A WHILE and already tried the resync command. No joy.
  3. Posted the solution (although it was one that sucks) for anyone who was having the problem regardless of which shard they were on.

So, I think the reason you have ghost devices might be that you link both accounts. I only link my Google account to my ST account at our house and everyone can use it just fine (even when I am not there). We did have problems with ghost devices when I tried to link everyone’s google accounts to their respective ST accounts. There were also execution problems. I think the voice recognition is lacking and Google has a difficult time when the voice match isn’t perfect.

Specifically with Google… Why this happens is lack of testing and lack of concern for the user base when they do perform testing. For instance, the One UI 2.0 update that killed messaging was a KNOWN ISSUE during the Beta testing, and they released it anyway. This seems to be the trend nowadays. Epic errors like this would have gotten me fired when I started coding. (ST is not immune to this either. Although recent updates have been a lot smoother than ones in the distant past)

i had to redo the google account linking a couple of times . had some really weird stuff where google was doubling up all my devices. i had to un-link completely and then re link to get it working

when you first sync with google it adds all your smartthings devices, then you have to go to the google smart app in smartthings to tell it not to sync all devices and then choose from a list. really they should let you choose that first so you don’t add all devices by default ( it also doubled on hue devices which i have directly linked to both smartthings and google)

on first connect it synced all my devices fine, but then when i went to deselect all from the smartthings app and just choose a few, the new total devices synced with google would go to to the total of all my smartthings devices, plus the the ones i now selected to sync i ended up with it saying i had 572 devices synced with smartthings ( telling google to sync my devices didn’t help at all, but it did occasionally come back saying it had a problem syncing with smartthings as i tried it about 10 times)

then i had to go and put all the devices back into the correct rooms again on both my google account and then on the wife’s also waste of hours of time…

i have a question :

what is the recommended method to connect google home with smartthings and different individuals in the same house ?

i have a smartthings account and so does the wife, we also both have google accounts with assistant and google home or nest or whatever they are calling it today.

before my latest meltdown my account and the wife’s account didn’t have the same access to smartthings via google we each had different devices from ST that we could control with voice.

we have hundreds of devices on smartthings and i don’t want all on google and i also don’t want all of them to be accessible to my wife as she often cant remember what to say to turn what on so she may accidentally turn on the Air-con in my office when actually she wants to turn on the air-con in the bedroom etc.

i also have 4 small kids who are starting to use google a lot and asking for all kinds of things and i would prefer they didnt have the ability to activate the same things that I do by voice.

prior to this meltdown my account on ST was linked to my account on google, and same for the wife i added google home to ST right when they first came out so im sure a lot has changed in the back end since then.

But this time round i found that when i added or removed devices from google on my account it also changed them on the wife’s google link ?? ( both using different accounts to link with smartthings)

in the end i unlinked both ST accounts from google and then added the same google account to the 2 different ST accounts which means we now have to have exactly the same things

so today when the wife said turn on the coffee machine it turned on 2 machines ( i have a different one so i will need to rename it now…PIA!!)

they need to improve this from both ST side and google. really need to have some kind of access control settings as when i have guests come over they cause mayhem ( ive taken the google home device out of the guest room now after a few disasters of guests saying OK google turn off everything etc!!)


I am pretty sure that you cannot restrict what others have access too with google voice. We both have voice match on. I only linked MY Samsung account to MY google account. She has no issues running anything that I have access to, and it responds in her preferred voice, so I know it recognizes her. Also, anyone in the house not in my “google” family can also use the same commands I use to control ST. Also, I think that linking multiple accounts confuses google (I had to disconnect my wife’s ST account from google early on because it was causing conflicts.)