Google Home / Assistance does not see devices in SmartThings

So I have 3 bulbs in ST. All works well within ST itself.

And I have “Google” in SmartApps with access to them (or also tried to “All”).
In GH > Home Control, I have scenes from ST listed, but no devices.
When I re-link accounts (GH&ST) nothing changes. After authorization, I get only list of “Routines” that I should assign to Rooms in GH. Oh, and those are no all Routines. Only 4 default ones. I have 6 Routines in ST.

Any ideas? It looks like GH is importing data from some old/cached/not mine Hub/ST cloud account. IDK.

I had it working once, 2 weeks ago, but then I factory reset everything, have cleaned ST app on Android (removed devices, hub, Scenes…), cleaned GH integration. And started over … and this happens now.

I got out of ideas. Thank You for Your comments in advance.

When did you sign up for smartthings?

If you go to and login, then choose locations from the menu, how many are listed?

From the locations listed, if you choose smart apps is google cloud listed?

What’s the brand of smart bulbs?

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Thank You for Your questions.

I have 2 locations:
The trash one is the default one I cannot remove (Was there in 1st place with name Home. No way to remove, so I have renamed it). The one I’ve created myself is Qbeck Mansion.

When I link GH to ST, I have both listed and secelt the Qbeck Mansion one when authorizing.

On the SmartApps, this is all I have (meaning Google cloud is there).

Bulbs are Sengled. Successfully working with ST. And could have been voice controlled via GH 2 weeks ago.

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Great! And congrats on the mansion!

When did you sign up for smartthings? Do you sign in to ST app with your samsung ID or smartthings ID? I’m suspicious that it is the issue here.

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Thank You for continuing the conversation.

I am logging in with Samsung account to ST app.
In GH when I authorize, I also am using Samsung account login form.

What I have noticed now is when I use Macbook+Chrome and login via
I get here: and I am able to go to My Hubs and see my hub details.

But while authorizing through GH app on smartphone, this page opens automatically:

Here I CAN chose my “Qbeck Mansion” and authorize. But instead, I have used hamburger menu, and went to “Dev tools > Locations”. What I see:

That’s all right. But then I go to “Dev tools > Hubs”:

The same empty list I have when I use navi for: “Devices”, “SmartApps” and so on.
Definitely here something is wrong.

Getting back to the way I Authorize. Should I create a seperate account for ST on different email, so I could Authorize as ST user? I have trouble understanding how can I do authorization from GH to ST with using ST account. The for asks me just for an email address:

Nice work I think you nailed it!
Just remember which login combination actually has your bulbs and hub on it.

  1. Samsung login or Non samsung login
  2. Password (both could be same or different)

You can log out then back in to the ide to make sure u know which login makes the hub show up , just make sure u hit log out to try to switch between logins, closing the browser doesn’t work. Samsung website cookies are chewy beasts.

So on your phone disconnect ST from Google in the Google home app, then open the ST app and go to the ‘Automation’ menu, then choose ‘smart apps’ . Select Google, scroll down and remove it by pressing ‘uninstall’ then ‘remove’.

Then open your phones webrowser like chrome and goto the IDE and make certain you’re logged out, if not just press logout in the website menu.

Finally you can go back to google ‘home’ app and add smartthings/samsung connect. With the login combo from the IDE above that had your hub and bulbs on it.

This chard issue is not uncommon, it’s a result of many things but samsung is working hard on merging the two logins for everybody as we speak! I’m in the beta and it’s been great to have 1 actual login!

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No new email necessary. Just logout of the ide on your phones browser or clear you web cookies on your phone. It’s saving the wrong chard location. When you reauth Google home app smartthings/samsung connect it will work for you. If not you have a different email account for your smartthings account than your samsung account already.

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Than You for following up with me.

Unfortunatelly, this was nothing about the coockies and stuff.

When I open on my Macbook/Chrome: I get nothing

When trying with Your instructions: signing off from Mobile Chrome tabs, also from “Android System WebView” (I am guessing this is the one that opens while linking GH app with ST.
Some screens that proof this:

…this does not help.

You may be right that I have something messed with ST/Samsung account.

Now I have account.
Once, I had account, but have removed it exactly ~2 weeks ago.

Will try to get it back now and re-create entire setup on this one. Will update here if I succeed.

Thanks for keeping me in the loop! Ya Startover isn’t too bad really with only a few bulbs, good call. Let me know if I can help!

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That was it.
So clearly Samsung has a mess in the acounts. The other one was deleted as “Samsung Account” but probably some linking to SmartThings where still existing.

Nevertheless, I’m kind of sad with the solution I found.
Thank You for assisting me Matt. I appriciate!

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My pleasure! I had almost the same issue myself awhile back. :call_me_hand: