Google Home accepted devices and device handlers

Not all Smartthings devices are accepted in the Google Home integration. I am not able to find any documentation about the types of devices or device handler requirements to allow visibility into Google Home. I’ve contacted Google Home and Smartthings’ support and just received a ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Any guidance is appreciated. For reference, I am trying to pull in a modified version of this

Locks are not allowed in Google Home for “security reasons”…oh, ok… What other types are you seeing not allowed?

Custom Device Handler “sensor” pulling in api data (linked in original post).

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Locks (and Security devices) are not allowed in Scenes through Google Home.

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Better to ask this kind of questions in this topic:

And maybe tagging @Lars

But give a read first there a lot of questions has been answered.

Otherwise, I believe the Energy Meter functionality is not exposed to Google.

You are correct, Google integration is not supporting the energy metering functionality.