GoControl won’t open garage door if wall panel is locked

I’m using the GoControl with an older Chamberlain garage door opener. The original opener came with a wall-mounted door control panel (item# 945C) that has the capability of locking the garage door and preventing operation by portable remotes. The garage door can still be opened and closed, while locked, by the keyless number pad outside and by the big button on the control panel. Yet the GoControl cannot operate the garage door while it is in this locked state. Why is this? What am I missing? The GoControl controls the garage door by the same direct wiring as the wall control panel that came with the opener. Is there a way around this. I’m not understanding the logic… Please help. Appreciate it.

Your best bet is to contact gocontrol support and ask them. It’s not an issue that is specific to smartthings, and they will be more familiar with Compatibility issues.