GoControl Garage Opener will not open or close with smartthings current app

I have two GoControl garage door openers that have been working fine for 2+ years with the Wink Hub. I’m in the process of moving away from Wink to Smartthings but finding basic things like this door controller do not work with smartthings.

I have the model GD00Z-4 wired correctly as it was working fine.
I removed it from Wink and added it to ST.
I connected but I have no options to open or close the door. It shows me the door is closed. When I open the door with the remote on the wall, it does not sense that door is open.

Has anyone made this garage opener work with the current smartthings app?

If it’s not updating when operating manually, it sounds like it isn’t on your zwave mesh. did you run a zwave repair?

Assuming you are using the new v3 SmartThings app (not the classic app), selecting the device should show a panel labeled “Door control” with the closed icon and label as well as the contact sensor panel indicating it is closed.

If you press the icon in the door control, it will send the command to open the door.

(If you are not seeing both panels, it is possible there was a problem during inclusion and it was not detected or setup correctly.)

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Thanks @prjct92eh2 and @TonyFleisher- I removed the gocontrol opener from ST and started again. The second time it connected and gave me the options as shown by Tony. Previously it was only showing as a sensor and not giving me an open and close option. Once this worked with my test door, the single garage door, I then removed the double door controller from Wink and successfully added that one too to my ST system. Thanks for your help.

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