Any way to reset a Monoprice motion sensor?

Apparently when I upgraded to the new ST hub, I didn’t exclude my Monoprice motion sensor correctly. Now, no matter what I try, I can’t get it to pair with the new hub. And I’m reading that unless it was correctly excluded from the old hub, there’s no way to repair it.


Put the hub into general exclusion and hit the button on the inside of the motion sensor.

That should exclude it.

Thanks Tim. Are you saying I can do this with the new hub even though it was originally paired to the old hub?

That’s right. :smile:

OK, as I just tried it and didn’t seem to work. How am able to tell if it’s successful?

Disregard. Just needed to be closer and actually follow the directions from the Monoprice manual! Thanks


I am having trouble with mine. Which button needs to be pressed? The tamper switch or button on back of device?

Also, how close where you to the hub when hub is in exclusion mode?

on the inside if I remember right, and within a few feet. I was around 5-6 feet away when I did mine.

Tamper switch? The manual keeps showing program switch (back of device). How many attempts did it take you to exclude device?

Nevermind. I had to press the program switch button about 5 times and then it was excluded.

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Yeah, it’s been a while for me so it doesn’t surprise me it’s different from what I thought.

It should only take one time right after starting a general exclude, but I have had devices require a few attempts. Being close to the hub is important.


I agree. PIR manual says push for 1 second program button, while in awake mode to exclude. That did not work for me too. What I have to do was Keep the lid open (lid open for awake) and hit the program button (program button on the back) with a paperclip, few times, while being closer to ST hub and while the HUB is in exclude mode.

To include after exclude, you may have to do the same (push program button 2-3 times) while searching for new devices.)